WIAW: Without Ketchup

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day of chocolate, wine, and a romantic dinner with you and yourself or S.O. Just sayin’ peanut butter will never break your heart…

You know what else won’t? WIAW, bay-bay!


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School was cancelled yet again (boo-yah!) so I didn’t have to scramble to figure out what I was going to make with 4th graders at 8 in the morning after a blizzard.

I did get to enjoy proats straight outta the tup.


Tea and Proatmeal

oats + scoop of MyProtein (affiliate link) chocolate stevia protein powder + granola + sunbutter

Such a meh breakfast. Julie’s egg white oats are SO much better in my opinion, but adding protein to oats in general makes them so much more filling. (see: how to make oatmeal more filling for more ideas!)

No classes meant all day in the office…the office with no windows. Despite the good 2 feet of snow we got, getting outside after lunch for a quick walk was a must.

Lunch Pad Thai Spaghetti Squash


I made a half-a$$ed version of my spaghetti squash pad thai last night so (quarter?) a$$ed pad thai it was for lunch. Plus some suuuuper ripe cantaloup because I’m all about that on sale life.

I took a walk around the block to gawk at all the cars still buried in a tomb of snow. I’ll say this once, I’ll say this 100000 times. I am so grateful I have a garage for my car. SO grateful.

Maybe it was all my heavy exertion from hauling my clunky booted self around the snow, but snack time came with a vengeance around 2.

Sunbutter with yogurt

I forgot to bring some snacks along with lunch, but luckily some leftover plain yogurt, sunbutter, and granola came to save the day.

After work I ran off to get some blood work done to try and narrow down what may be wrong with my ongoing digestive issues. Let’s just say I now know what it’s like to be 8 months pregnant on a regular basis. Bloat babies 4 lyfe.

I’m hoping I can get some answers and relief soon!

I don’t eat ketchup with many things nowadays, but one (maybe weird?) thing I wish I had it for was at dinner last night.

healthy shepherd's pie

I’d been craving shepherd’s pie lately, so I made my own version with ground turkey, mixed veggies, and mashed cauliflower. I use to be a ketchup fanatic, and would put it on everything…even rice. (I know, I was a sick child.) I still love dipping this comfort food classic in ketchup, but alas I survived without it.

Tea. Yoga. Heat pad to keep the bloat babies happy.

..I’d swear I was a mom already…

Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite thing to eat ketchup with?

Have you had shepherd’s pie, or is that just a New England thing?


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