WIAW: With Questionable Fruit

Good morning friends!

It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do to a gal. Not hating my life as soon as I step outside into cold, windy, frizz-inducing rain felt like walking on rainbows after a month of this BS.

Now I actually WANT to do things like go for walks, workout, and get sheiit DONE…instead of binge watching Forensic Files and doing soduku puzzles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

But it’s time to eat!


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Water bottle and smoothie bowl

After making “slushies” (aka blended frozen berries, lemon juice, and seltzer) with 4th graders first thing in the morning, I made my own to keep this smoothie bowl love affair going strong.

A choco-berry base with sun buttah, pumpkin seeds, coconut, strawberries, and flax. One thing that’s worse than getting chia seeds in your teeth is bits of frozen blueberries. The worst.

Since the weather HAS been cold and dreary, soup sounded most appropriate.

Toast and Turkey Soup

Plus I’m trying to take a break from salads to see if cutting back on raw veggies helps with my on-going stomach issues. No such luck so far.

I made a version of this sausage veggie soup with ground turkey, and veggies I had on hand. Plus some toast with avocado & nutritional yeast, and some questionably overripe strawberries. At least they cured the somethin’ sweet craving.

Sunbutter and Ripe Banana

Afternoon snackage was a banana that should have been bread topped with homemade sunbutter and cinnamon. I can’t eat bananas unless they are spotted, but even this was pushing it for me.

Having a snack before work meant I was more motivated to workout instead of snack and take a nap. Off to my state of the line gym it was.

Weights and workout computer

Rockin’ that FitnessBlender upper body workout like wut. Plus this super effective, but super 90’s ab video that I haven’t done in years. Is it bad I still remembered the background music?

Dinner was quick, easy, and del-ish.

Fried Rice Edamame Quinoa

I whipped up a quinoa and edamame fried rice with some frozen mixed veggies and b-nut squash. With mustard on the side of course. Girl needs dippage.

I also ate some ugly tofu with some sunbutter, cuz I’m weird like that, but needed some pro + fat before snooze time. Just living in the moment kids.

Make it a great day!

P.S, my Falafel Pizza made it into the finals to be featured in the Siggi’s Cookbook! I’d love you always forever if you gave it a vote! You can find the voting link by clicking here.


What’s the last questionable thing you ate?

Overripe or underripe bananas?

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