WIAW: Warm Weather Eats

H to the ello! Hump to the dizz-ay!

And good glory to a short work week! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and I got my first ticket for changing a pandora station on my phone… FACE = PALM.

…but we’re just gunna skip right over that last part, and dive face deep into today’s eats!

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Still trying to ignore these allergies/cold/plague and some well overdue warm days of sunshine, I cannot get enough of smoothie bowls for breakfast lately.

Berry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

1/2 cup almond milk // 1 scoop vanilla vega // 1 cup frozen blueberries + strawberries // fresh ginger // turmeric // matcha powder 

The thicka the betta. The trick? Adding in as little milk/liquid without breaking your blender as possible. Proceed at your own risk for the thick.

The first real day of sunshine and 60 degree weather meant the first office lunch down by the water. No shame in my backyard pride game.

Salad by water

There may however be a slight bit of shame in my lunch game. Literally a mess of leftover tofu asparagus scramble from dinner last night with a pile of spinach and avocado thrown on top. Make it work.

Plus a granny smith apple a la workin on my tan for dessert. Days like these make going back to an office without windows literally impossible.

While the sun may have been super satisfying, lunch…not so much. 2 hours felt like an eternity before digging into my favorite Perfect Bar flavor.

Perfect Bar Coconut Peanut Butter

The first run of the season (year?) yesterday must have worked up a belated appetite (that whole mile’s worth)..or at least that was my excuse for non-stop hunger today.

Warm weather, means 2 a days are all the more prevalent.

Salad Dinner

..2 a day salads that is. 🙂 Plus tuna has to make its regular scheduled appearance too. Topped with a shamble of veggies, feta, hot sauce, and a tzatziki sauce leftover from a recipe that is coming to the blog vewy vewy soon!

Still not sick of these cuties either.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Plus a Fitness Blender HIIT Cardio video to wake me up before I fell asleep at 6:30. I think I chose wisely.

Make it a great day!

Cold or warm foods?

Favorite warm weather food?

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