WIAW: The Truth About My Running Routine

Salutations my wonderful Wednesday peeps!


I am loving and hating this Fall weather at the same time.


Love waking up to a chill in the air all snuggled up under the covers.


Hate actually having to get out of bed and remain cold the rest of the day.        Le sigh.


At least warm beverages and bulky sweaters help me stay sane.






This what I ate Wednesday post is sponsored by Sunday long runs and the thoughts that come with it

….and the letter Q.



What I Ate Wednesday: FALL into Good Habits


Sorry not sorry if you are sick of running related posts, but it is one of the only constants in my life that is keeping me sane right now. And for the fact that I keep having to remind myself I’m ACTUALLY training for a half. GAH! It’s getting real. REAL fast.



I thought I would share my eats from Sunday, (long) runday along with the truth about my running routine. These are the thoughts that come into my head just about every time I run and thought maybe someone…anyone out there ever thinks of these things too.






Breakfast was inspired by Julie’s green protein pancake which I adapted for my own preference. I threw 2 eggs, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, a cup of baby spinach, and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk into a blender, then poured into a large frying pan.



After topping with some pb and a little bit of syrup, I was in awe of how much I liked it. Blending everything made such a better textured pancake although it was a tiny bit harder to flip. Sneaking in a serving of veggies to my pancake routine may become a regular occurrence.



I’m deathly afraid of trash bags.






Okay, maybe not DEATHLY afraid, but I’m not a fan of seeing them on my runs. Not the ones sitting out in the front lawn like a good Glad bag should, but the ones that line the little bit of brush and woods along my running trail.

The moment I see one of those plastic bags of mystery tumbled into an unidentifiable mass, I immediately think I am going to be a part of the story line in the next episode of Law and Order.






Lunch was a bowl of tuna salad mixed with sauerkraut, frozen peppers and onions (cooked be-te-dubs), shredded cheese, and topped with some of my pumpkin spice pickles. The things you do and eat before grocery shopping. It was actually pretty awesome.


Plus an unpictured sweet potato with one half topped with butter and the other half with pb. My form of carbo-loading.



I hate running on sunny days.


Call me a curmudgeon runner, but I actually despise running in the sun. This is why I always aim to get my runs in later on in the day when the sun is going down rather than rising to blind me with heat, sweat, and the refusal to wear sunglasses.


I only chose to last week so I could wear my new #embracethehill tank from Sarah I’ve been dying to get one of these tanks so the fact that I won it was AWESOME!





Give me a choice and I would pick an overcast or even drizzly day to run in over a sunny afternoon. That is until the weather turns cold. Let’s not think about that.


After 6 miles and a shower, I plopped down to see my Colts dominate with my first pb covered banana in a long time.




I get through tough runs thinking about food.


When I’m not complaining about the sun or watching out for garbage bags, you can bet your bottom dollar my mind in on food. Especially on those tough runs where I’d rather be curled up in a banana split than run another step.


Planning my meal or snack after I get done helps me run through it. I mean, who WOULDN’T run faster if you knew you had a carrot and pb waiting for you?! Oh yeah… just me.





Washed down with a homemade cinnamon dulche cappuccino after hearing Julie rave about them. Can you tell which blog I’ve been creepin’ lately?!


I have the most random cravings.





And when I’m not planning my post-run meal, my mind makes sure I don’t stop thinking about food for any reason. The longer the run, the more obscure cravings I get.


Refried beans. Waffles with syrup. Watermelon. Cherry popsicles. Most of the time it’s candy or cherry popsicles.


I think the biggest misconception about running is that it leads to these cravings and thus eating junk. There’s a big difference between having a craving and giving in to a craving. Just like those thoughts you had about your boss’ outfit on Monday, but didn’t actually say anything to her.


The most I say is “Wow. I’m craving all these simple sugars since I’m burning a lot of sugars. How interesting!” Then fuel my body with real food when I get home, and poof! cravings gone.






And dinner was an experimental pizza using Karey’s flax crust. It still needs some tweaking before I can share it with you, but made for a good meal anyway.



The best part of running outside is…


The waft of either grilling or laundry. Nothing beats the smell of charring flesh that I wouldn’t lay a hand on or dryer lint blowing through the air. Makes you want to run now don’t it? 😉





I have some more, but this post is getting to long for my attention span. Prepare for a part deux!


In the meantime, head over to join Jenn and the rest of the WIAW party!


Make it a great day!

If you’re a runner, do you have any random cravings?

Tell me your favorite kind of pizza!

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