WIAW: The Most Annoying Thing

Salutations my fine friends!

If you want to make a week fly by super fast, don’t work. Stay-cation action is quickly zipping through until I start the new job next week. Exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

But it’s Wednesday, so regardless that means the food steals the show today! Let’s join miss Jenn & friends for some WIAW eats.





IMG_0753.PNGIf you want to start a morning off right, start it with Bailey’s. I don’t usually put anything in my coffee, but this stuff is the bomb. I’ll be waiting for the whiskey-spiked version soon.


IMG_0752.PNGAfter seeing Bethany & Rachel’s recipe for German Chocolate Cake Oatmeal, I couldn’t help but make my own pathetic version this morning.

1/3 cup oats // 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder // 1 tbsp shredded coconut // 1 tbsp peanut butter

 Of course peanut butter made way instead of walnuts. I only wish oatmeal filled me up as much as I enjoy eating it. Le sigh.


After some rest & digest, Grams and I headed to the gym, where I did another HIIT run.

0-5 minutes: Warm up walk

5-20 minutes: Alternating sprints @ 9.0 for 30 seconds / 1 minute 4.0 walk

20-25 minutes: Run at 6.5

25-30 minutes: Cool-down walk




…Or make that 29:59 minutes.

The most annoying thing ever. One second too soon or too late makes me so mad. Good thing those exercise endorphins were flowing, and my anger only lasted 2.99 seconds.



After a quick shower, and an ordeal involving a rabid groundhog, pepper spray, and the mailman, We headed out to lunch for my aunt’s birthday.


IMG_0759.PNGA Japanese lunch buffet, where I couldn’t tell you half of the stuff I ate. I do know the miso soup, ginger dressing salad, and grilled shrimp were spot on though.

The past two days have been cold and rainy, and all around miserable. Remember, you can’t live in New England unless you are completely dissatisfied with the weather most days of the year. At least I had my new found buddy to keep me warm.


IMG_0754.PNGWe’ve been watching my cousin’s dog, Koda until her new home in North Carolina is ready. He is the most loveable little man and will snuggle up as close as possible without technically sitting in your lap.




Then it was some leftover salmon, spanish rice, and salad for dinner, along with a slice of pain perdu (aka French bread pudding) for dessert. Another perk to living with your French grandmother.


Don’t forget, this Friday is Did You Know Friday! Be sure to share your link with the #diduknowlink hashtag and join me back here for the par-tay!


Make it a great day!

What’s one thing that annoys you during a workout?

Dog or cat person?

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  1. I totally love Japanese buffets where I don’t know what I’m eating! I think it’s an Asian thing! There’s something about unlimited sushi that’s just so satisfying even if it’s been sitting out for 2 hours. LOL
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