WIAW: Texture, Texture 1,2,3

Never have I ever thought Wednesday was Friday.

I may have wished Wednesday was Friday. Let’s just say it’s one of those weeks where you have no day it actually is, but know that it is in fact NOT Friday.

On the positive side, there is FOOD.

What I Ate Wednesday Logo


Breakfast was a new one for me.

Chocolate Chia Flax Pudding

I tried this Noatmeal on for size, which is like a 2 second chia pudding with a much more gelly texture. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but since I can never remember to make chia pudding the night before, this works for me.

I added some collagen to it and to my coffee, and topped things off with what other than a dollop of liquid gold. (That’s peanut butter)

Some pre-class teaching snacking.

Peanut butter and Celery

Just keeping it classy up in here. Is there really any louder snack for the office than celery? My cube mates love me, especially if I also pack some hard boiled eggs covered in broccoli and curry. (That’s a joke, folks.)


Salad and Fritatta


While I couldn’t quite sell 3rd graders on Brushetta salad, this lunch was an easy sell for me. A big ol’ slice of frittata  –> recipe coming this week! paired with a simple green salad with all the avocado and hemp seeds. Dem healthy fats doh.

I’ve been in the mood for a good muscle building sweat sesh, and picking this total body workout from Fitness Blender on a 110% humidity day did the trick.

Selfie Post WorkoutThey call me freckle face. 🙂

Today was a ravenous day, and dinner was more than welcome to my face after sweating it off.

Salad Tofu Paprikash

I know, back to those 2 a day salads. I blame on it the fact that the lettuce I bought from the farmers’ market this weekend had it’s own zip code. THAT big.

This one was topped with some of my leftover tofu paprikash, along with more avocado and hemp seeds. I have been topping err’thang with hemp seeds lately. Love their nutty flava!

Dessert didn’t need to happen, but let’s be real, it always should happen. This time, in mug cake form.

Mug Cake Chocolate

I haven’t had one in a while, and this one didn’t exactly sell me on them. It was super dry, but adding some extra choco chips and hemp seeds (surprise) made it more tolerable.


Stay tuned this Friday for a new farmers’ market inspired recipe coming your way!


Make it a great day!

Is there any texture you can’t stand?

What’s your favorite snack to bring to work?

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