WIAW: Seafood Edition

Morning loves!

What a lovely day to sit back, relax, and



My weekend of eats was much more exciting than the can of tuna and frozen spinach my meals have been consisting of lately. I’m so stubborn when it comes to setting a grocery shopping day. I’ll eat canned beans and freeze pops for three meals before I succumb to grocery shopping early.



IMG_1023.JPGBreakfast was at Local Sprouts, a Co-op serving awesome, local food, live music, and #1 Teacher cups. How did they know?!

2 eggs // black bean tempeh // fresh veggies // home fries // toast


After helping out for the Old Port Half Marathon, I got to enjoy the festivities like free beer, music and the likes. It was pretty hectic and I felt guilty waiting in line with folks that just ran 13 miles in the blazing heat. I settled for a blurry slice of pizza and some music.




And then after some well needed coffee and Portland exploration with the man friend came the epic dinner I hinted to you about on Monday.




We started off with some wine and oysters, which I’ve only eaten raw once in my life. I was a little leery, but if I can learn to love eating snails, I can give a raw oyster a try.

And now I’m in love. It’s like the freshest taste of the sea without tasting like….the sea. You know what I’m sayin’? Well if you’ve had oysters you do. Buck a shuck happy hours may become a regular occurence..

These jewels of the sea were followed up by the most gorgeous and perfectly cooked piece of salmon with fresh peas, pesto, and purple potatoes.




The chef must have been an English minor with all those alliterations, but it was ah-mazing. Two reasons I’ll never leave New England: Fall and Seafood.


We finished the night off with some ice cream and a cocktail, which I’ll let your pretty little imaginations envision instead. Because walking with ice cream AND trying to take a picture is like a federal crime or something.


Thanks again to Jenn & friends for hosting!




Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite kind of seafood?

Have you ever had a raw oyster?

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