WIAW: An Old Standby


Phew! It feels like it’s been AGES since I last had an intimate web-based conversation with you. Between drinking my body weight in Mojitos on a Puerto Rican beach and tackling the first pot of steamed clams for the season, all of my blogging intentions checked out at the time. Like…K Byeeee!


Mother's Day Steamers


But I couldn’t go too long without oversharing my daily eats, so let’s kick this WIAW into overdrive!


What I Ate Wednesday Logo

After an early morning of banana oatmeal making with 3rd graders, I chowed down on an old standby breakfast I used to make my senior year of college.

Shredded Wheat Bowl

1 cup shredded wheat (crushed) // 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt // 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk // 1/2 banana // 1 tablespoon peanut butter // lots of cinnamon

It’s kinda like overnight oats, except that the shredded wheat soaks up errthang in like 10 minutes before it comes a pile of creamy dreamy … soggy cereal. Yeah…I’m one of those peeps. I’ll let my cereal chill out for a good 5 minutes before it disintegrates onto my spoon. Simply the best.

While we finally experienced what spring is supposed to feel like around these parts, a busy afternoon schedule kept me from taking lunch al fresco.

Black Bean Burger Lunch

black bean burger // fried egg // lettuce wrap // apple on side

I wasn’t super hungry for lunch, but knowing I had 2 classes to teach at 1, I decided an early lunch was much better than being arm-gnawingly hungry afterwards. Lunch struggles are real son.

A small afternoon lull resulted in trying one of the new KIND bar flavors while perusing the latest Food & Nutrition issue. It tasted like the raspberry filled cookies I used to devour at the bakery I used to work at. Dangerously good.

Raspberry KIND Bar


And after convincing my after school kids to put avocado in smoothies, I was more than ready to stop talking about food all day and simply eat it.


Salmon Patty Salad

The usual suspects. Salmon patty. Salad. And a peanut butter coated carrot on the side. I’m a simple kinda gal…..otherwise known as  I’m lazy and don’t want to actually put any effort into making dinner.

While I fully intended to enjoy the sunshine for a run after work, the day after my first BBG workout and an early morning wakeup left me with a wet noodle of motivation to pound some pavement. Not like I have a 5k this weekend and haven’t run in a few weeks or anything.

I settled for a half hour walk along the water, which is never a hard sell. I am forever in gratitude that I call this my backyard.

Eastern Prom Walk


Ahh, it feels good to be home. In a general sense, and blogging sense because I’m all about those metaphors, yo.


Make it a great day!

Soggy or crunchy cereal?

What do you call your backyard?

9 thoughts on “WIAW: An Old Standby

    • There’s no such thing as weird questions on this blog! 🙂 I cooked it that morning, and just reheated it with my burger. Sometimes I’ll even just fry a couple in the morning and put them on top of my salad. It makes the office a lot less stinky than hard boiled, haha!

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