WIAW: Mint Choco-LOT

My favorite four words in the English language — Four day work week.

That is if vodka, peanut butter, sleep, and carrots are excluded.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend of remembrance. I spent the weekend with my brother at the Boston Calling music festival, which if I didn’t have a VIP pass would have been a whole lot less fun than the free booze, food, and prime seats I was granted.

But I’ll touch more on that Sunday, we’re here for the food! 


What I Ate Wednesday Logo

Morning started as usual.

Smoothie Bowl Mint Chocolate

This one tasty like a straight up york peppermint patty. If it wasn’t for the chocolate mustache and chia seeds stuck in my teeth, I would have thought I just brushed those suckers.

P.S, a nutella swirl is a must.


I thought that would have filled me up a little bit more than it did, because I was ravenous by lunch time.

Asian Quinoa Salad

Guyzzz, I haven’t gone grocery shopping in like 3 weeks. WHYYY?! I explained myself like 2 WIAW ago, but it all comes down to I’m weird like that.

After raiding the work cabinet and cooking some quinoa I managed to scrounge up, I made a rough (realllly rough) version of MB’s Asian quinoa salad which actually turned out pretty good.

And a mango that I murdered.

Mango cut up


Maybe it’s the abundance of carbs, or lack of fat/protein, OR just one of dem days, but I was a bottomless pit today. Nothing satisfied me.

I went for a walk, and immediately chugged a nalgene full of this deliciousness.

Strawberry Lemonade True Lemon

And realized my hunger was definitely not mistaken thirst, and continued on my chocolate quest for the day.

KIND Bar Sea Salt Chocolate

It’s like the healthier version of an afternoon candy bar snack. Can’t stop won’t stop.


And then I barely managed to make it out of geriatric dinner time. Just barely before I swallowed this whole.

Vegetarian Quesadilla

A black bean quesadilla? Okay, it was pretty much beans, peppers, and nutritional yeast in a grilled wrap, and dipped in greek yogurt and tomato sauce since I didn’t have salsa. Someone please make me grocery shop.

I did choose to eat the rest of the remaining Greek yogurt with some cinnamon and maple syrup instead of diving into my Enlightened ice cream stash, cuz homegirl needed some protein.


Make it a great day!

Carbs, protein, or fat?

What’s your favorite afternoon snack?


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