WIAW: Micro Meals

Oh happy (Wednes) day!

I’m just a few hours and entire day of traveling away from being in Puerto Rico with my best gal pal, Katie! …Which is all the more inviting when you walk out of work to this.

Snow In April

I’ll have you know I went for a run in shorts…and a tank top yesterday. You need an attitude adjustment Motha Nay-cha.

So for the most part, I try to love the skin I’m in, eat intuitively, and be grateful I get to stuff my face with peanut butter and hugh jass salads every day…but I also want to feel good in the new bikini I just bought. It’s not about comparison, or what I look to others, but my own damn vanity.

So the past three days, I’ve been following the 3 Day Quick Fix from the 21 Day Fix to feel my best before entirely abusing my body on umbrella drinks and sun exposure for the next few days. It’s supposed to be the last 3 days of the full 21 Day Fix, but I gave that ish up long ago, so three days is probably my max.

Besides eating the entirely same meals for 3 days, I didn’t find it overly restrictive, I didn’t starve myself, and I felt like I was constantly eating..because I was. Quite alright with me. Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like for this WIAW!

What I Ate Wednesday Logo


Besides the 4 egg whites I scarfed down before my early morning class, I dove into my jar of oats topped with coconut oil and cinnamon alongside my coffee once I was in the office.


Oatmeal in Mason Jar


Katie’s trick for voluminous oatmeal is my jam for making oats seem more filling than they actually are. And I just love the texture.

Since I hadn’t had some satisfying protein since 7 AM, I was ready for my mid-morning snack, which tasted a lot better than it looked.

Chicken and sweet potatoes

baked chicken // roasted sweet potatoes // Dijon mustard

Maybe it’s the paper bowl outfit that really just puts this meal into don’t judge a book territory, but that puddle of Dijon isn’t really doing anything for it either.

The plan has you eating about every 2 hours, which I purposefully aligned with the 12 o’clock office party lunch so I wouldn’t be eating my sad lunch even sadly-er….alone.

Tuna on salad

can of tuna // romaine // endless amounts of Dijon and Balsamic vinegar

Honestly, not having any fruit for my something sweet has been harder to give up than (gasp) peanut butter. I helped myself to a few grapes that were leftover from class, but I didn’t bet myself up over it. Grapes are friends not foes.

My afternoon snack looked just as crap-tastic as my mid-morning, but instead was chicken with roasted asparagus and coconut oil. I know you hate me for not sharing, but c’est la vie.

Fish and veggies

After a late afternoon making a veggie stir fry with kids referring to the food as toy broccoli, I chowed down on micro meal #5. Baked tilapia and leftover stir fry veggies with coconut oil. Oh and look, mustard! What a surprise guest.

While I was full from this meal, it lasted a good 30 minutes before I gave in and ate my last meal of the day an hour later. It was kinda like this gorgeous taco salad below..except without the avocado, salsa, and Greek yogurt.

Taco Salad

…so pretty much ground turkey on spinach, with what other than coconut oil and ketchup.

…I kid, my heart belongs to mustard. <3

Make it a great day!

Are you going on vacation anytime soon?

Do you eat the same meals often, or change it up daily?

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