WIAW & Low FODMAP Update

Howdy friends!


Can you believe it’s already September?!

I mean Wednesday?!

I mean the first Wednesday in September?!

Cool your PSL jets. It’s still hot as pizza rolls over here. (If you read Monday’s post, you’ll get the reference.)

After swapping my Sunday Runday with Sunday crash on the couch..day, I made sure to drag my procrastinating self out on the road for my long run on Monday.



I’m now on week 3 of this Hal Higdon plan, and am feeling pretty good about my pace so far for a sub 60 min finish at the Power of She 10k.

I didn’t look once at my pace during the long run, since I knew I was going for distance not speed. However, I was happy to see a sub 10:00 once I reached the 3.5 mark, since at points my leg felt as heavy as wet sand. I attribute this feat to finishing strong (running faster at the end) and the 1989 album. Never enough T Swift.

I wasn’t suffering from any major DOMS the day after, so I stuck to the 2.5 miles on the schedule on my plan. I ended up with a 9:49 pace, which was eh okay for an easy run.

What made the run even more eh was when I realized a young (creep!) guy sneakily snapped my pic with his phone as I ran by. Cool son. I just hope it was because of how I resembled a B.A Pocahontas, rather than my major camel toe.




Okay all this talk about running makes me hungry, so let’s eat!




Since I tend to run later in the day when it’s not as hot and sunny, I don’t have much of an appetite for the rest of the night. Come morning though, and I’m a ravenous beast.

IMG_1761Especially when I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3:30 AM. WHY?! I procaffeinated (procrastinated with coffee) until 6:30, when I deemed it a reasonable hour for breakfast.

2 fried eggs //sprinkle of cheese // 2 slices Ezekiel GF Bread w/ avocado & coconut oil


While a 3AM wake up call may have made 10 AM an appropriate time for lunch, I opted for a light snack instead.

IMG_1760Cucumbers // chili powder // Dijon mustard

If you’ve been following me lately, you may know I’ve been following the low FODMAP diet to try and tame my endless bloat babies. It’s been a little over a month now, and am starting to re-introduce FODMAP foods. I’ve had general success with wheat, a little bit of dairy, cannelini beans, and (kinda) apples thus far.

Even though cucumbers aren’t a FODMAP, I still find them a bit hard on my stomach if I eat too much. Although, I’ve been finding any veggie other than leafy greens in large amounts give me some trouble. I’ll let you know how I progress with yogurt and maybe even some (gasp) broccoli!



IMG_1759Which is why a cuppa tea helps! I’m trying not to pound coffee like my last name is Dunkin, and have even switched to half caff! (It was on clearance at Target). So after a couple cups in the morning, I switch to tea.


IMG_1763A good ol’ standby, which I tire of, but can get rid of for it’s sheer effortless production.

Can of tuna // greens/ balsamic // cantaloupe

Maybe if I put 1% of effort into something other than opening a can, I’d find this lunch more appealing.


I completely downed my dinner until there was one lone mussel and a shard of kale left in the bowl, but I promise you weren’t missing much. Just what was left of my mussel steaming party over a bed of kale.


And my something sweet to make the meal complete!




I ordered some goodies from MyProtein after loving their protein powder so much, and one of them was L Glutamine. I’ve heard it’s beneficial for gut healing, and thought I’d give it a shot.

I was pretty upset to see that the “just glutamine” listed as the ingredients on the website didn’t match the sucralose and red #40 I found on the bag. I should have known better with something watermelon flavored.

But the fact that it tasted like a watermelon baby bottle pop candy (remember those?!) was a good persuader to give it a go. I hate wasting things. And it tasted amazing.

I offset my chemicals with something that tastes best naked.


IMG_1769from Sinful Nutrition Instagram

As in nothing added. You’re sick mind. 😉

I easily polished off that spatula and bowl to the point that you could have…eaten with them. Or something.


Thanks again Ms. Jenn! 

Don’t forget! You can still get $7 off your registration for the Power of She 10k with the promo code HEALTHY. You can sign up using the link here.

What’s one food you’ve been loving lately?

Heat & humidity or snow & cold?

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