WIAW: Kinda Like a Snapple

Happy rootin’ tootin’ Wednesday!

By golly, I’ve never wanted a week to go by faster than this one…I mean, I say that just about every other week, but this one extra dose especially.

Thanks to the oversharing and curious crowd for making Wednesdays possible. Thursdays on the other hand…


What I Ate Wednesday Logo

I had every intention of starting my day with one of my favorite smoothie bowls, but was feeling eggs instead. My wish is my command.

coffee and egg scramble

When your omelet sticks to the pan…scramble it out. And top it with peppers, mozz cheese, salsa, and hemp seeds. Because..what else?!

I’ve still been drinking with coffee with collagen, and has just become part of my routine now. Make coffee. Add collagen. Convince myself to stay awake. Repeat.

After a weekend in New Hampshire, the pickins were slim for lunch-ing, but sometimes you just gotta work with what ya got.

Broccoli with tuna salad

A big ol’ plop of tuna salad (hey #tunatuesday!) plus some steamed broc topped with soy sauce and cheese (don’t ask me). Plus the remaining slice of pickle not thrown into my tuna, because who can eat tuna without some sort of pickle action going on?! Not this gal.

It took some hard debating, but I ultimately forced myself to go grocery shopping and not live off ice cream and hemp seeds for a week before I made the trip.

A Whole Foods run usually involves an excuse to try a new kombucha flavor, but I opted for this instead for my afternoon pick me up bevy.

Ginger Drinking Vinegar

It was slightly less like actually DRINKING vinegar, but at least the bottle made me feel like I was drinking a Snapple.

Another Tuesday, another rained out yoga session outside. AND a total recipe fail. Whomp to the whomp whomp. I tell ya, if I can get it right, it’s gunna be Hallelujah AMAZING.

Instead, dinner.

Broccoli and Turkey Roll Ups

AKA I don’t wanna cook right meow. Simple black pepper and swiss roll ups with guac and broc (ha!) with extra guac and grainy mustard for dippage. I may have drank over a gallon of water to offset all the salty foods, but #YOLO #WorthIt #OnlytheGoodDieYoung


Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite afternoon beverage?

Tuna, chicken, or egg salad (or tofu if you’re all about them plants)

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