WIAW: In a Mixing Bowl

Howdy hey, it’s finally May!

..except that it still feels like mid-March. Why you still rainy and cold May?!

On the upside, it’s Wednesday, and you know what time it is…




or rather


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Smoothie bowls and I are basically Facebook official at this point. Less than 3 fo lyfe.

Smoothie Bowl Mocha

XL on the caffeination with a mocha smoothie bowl and half caf coffee. Stay tuned to a #SmoothieBowlSunday post on instagram soon for the recipe!

I have to say, giving up caffeine cold coffee…err turkey is not for me. While I never got headaches, I would literally have NO energy, thus no productivity, no workout motivation, and daily naps were mandatory.

I’ve decided to scale it back, and do half caf to wean myself off the full diesel, until I can decrease to even a quarter caff. I choose to never give up coffee altogether since I love it so much, but not a big fan of how far my tolerance for the ‘feine has gotten.

Mixing bowl salad


I forget a bowl for my lunch, so #TunaTuesday salad game was out of a mixing bowl. Thank God I do cooking classes for a living, which means all the foods and utensils you forget at your disposal.

Topped with a scoopa hummus, nutritional yeast, and balsamic with a toddler apple on the side.

Being hungry before a workout is a big un-motivator for me, so snackage was a must before I completed this upper body workout from fitness blender.

Rx Bar Blueberry

I have to say, my first experience with Rx bars was not as OMG-esque as the social media around me made them out to be. Maybe it’s living in Maine, but this flavor? On point.

If it can’t be sunshine season yet, I am jumpstarting burger season right meow.

Burger salad dinner

a la a burger salad dinner. Spinach + turkey burger + chopped pickle + hummus + black beans + all the condiments. Also known as taco salad’s all-American cousin.

Our monthly nutrition lesson about berries is a much easier sell than last month’s asparagus and celery. The kids seemed to enjoy them more too. 🙂

I will happily deny kindergarteners seconds (aka when there’s not enough to go around the whole class again) and reap the leftover benefits.

Strawberries on Rice Cake

Lovin’ on some rice cakes lately, since they are the perfect light and airy and supah crunchy vehicle for hummus, peanut butter, or in this case Greek yogurt, peanut butter co. powdered pb, and sliced strawbs. Can it be strawberry picking season now?!?


Make it a great day!

Strawberries or blueberries?

Rain or snow?


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