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Happy June!

This post is brought to you by the sudden realization that it is in fact not Tuesday, despite the feeling that a three day weekend provides. Anyone else got the what day is it again?! vibe going on?

I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend! I had a blast zipping my aunt and MJ around on a golf cart around Peak’s Island who came up to visit me for the weekend, collecting seashells, laughing to the brink of tears, and taking deep breaths of that cool, salty air.

Wave Crashing Rock


And now all that relaxing sent me down the rabbit hole where I don’t know what day it is and productivity is the punchline to a bad joke…..that you realize isn’t actually even a joke.

Time to eat, yes? YASS.

What I Ate Wednesday Logo

An early morning class after a holiday weekend is just the thing to snap you back into oh yeah, I have a job reality.

After sharing my adoration of sweet potatoes (sans the pb sadly), and having a kid tell me tomato juice comes from a pineapple (face palm to the nth degree), I was more than ready to drown my sorrows with something cold and green on my morning commute back to the office.


Green Smoothie Walk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder // 1 tablespoon flax // frozen spinach // 1/2 green apple // fresh ginger // lotsa ice

At least the weather invited me to finally slip on a summer dress, soak up the sun, and eat lunch al fresco with the office crew. They should seriously list this view as one of the benefits of working in our building. Never. Gets. Old.

Salad on Prom

Salad topped with cukes, tomatoes, hummus, and a can of tuna, in honor of our office’s weekly “Tuna Tuesday” lunch date.

Summer weather makes me crave two things on a nearly 24/7 basis. All the salads and all the ice cream. Effin balance people. So on our stroll back to the office, it was decided a communal dish of peanut butter pie ice cream was needed. Make “within walking distance to an ice cream stand” another job perk that needs to be added to the list.

Keeping up with the green theme of the day, I made some iced green tea to wash down the cutest little packet of dry roasted edamame (thanks MJ!)

Dry Roasted Edamame Packet

They definitely cure the salty and crunchy cravings of the afternoon, but I still think the wasabi flavor is exponentially better.

Moments after walking through the door, I chugged a hugh jass glass of water before the ravenous beast in me awoke. Craving what other than….

Vegan Burger Salad

Am I really that predictable? When it comes to meals, 99.98% of the time, yes. I save that .02% for the amount of spontaneity I have  in my body.

This time, topped with a vegan burger because it’s summer and I’m lazy, asparagus, hot sauce, the last of my pickles, and thus a quick version of my dill pickle dressing. I just squirted some mustard and olive oil in the jar, shook, and chugged. Or like, poured on my greens.

Chased with a couple pb covered carrots, because I have to keep up with appearances of my predictability.

And that my friends, is how you manage to eat all the green things, all the time, all the ways.

…And no, tomato juice does not in fact come from a pineapple. Just in case you were wondering. I’ll save you that google search.

Make it a great day!


What do you crave in the warm weather?

What’s one green thing you ate yesterday?


10 thoughts on “WIAW: Green Machine

  1. Being predictable is not a bad thing! I love eating the same things, and I think it’s often less confusing for our bodies. That green smoothie is making me crave all the greens. So good! In warm weather, I love ice cream, big salads, and … fresh fruit!
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