WIAW: Going Green.

Top of tha mornin’ to ya laddie!

Did we all have a wee bit of fun for St. Paddy’s?


st patrick's.PNG

Drinking Guinness and wearing green like the straight up quarter Irish gal I am. Since everyone is at least 50% more Irish on St. Paddy’s Day, that makes me pretty much straight outta Dublin.

Call it the luck o’ the Irish in me, but I actually managed to sneak something green into every meal without even trying! Thankfully only carrots change my skin color, or else I might start looking like I have a chronic case of dysentery with all the green I’ve been eating.

Let’s have a look-see shall we?



omelet.PNGBreakfast was a hugh-jass omelet packed with spinach, garlic, and salsa. Frozen spinach is where it’s at since I can pay less than a dollar for more spinach than I can even handle. Fresh spinach takes me like a day to eat.



collard wrap.JPG

I love how perfect collard leaves are for wrappage. I stuffed a few leaves full of my lemon pepper tuna mixed with chickpeas. It’s like a handheld salad!


oat bites.PNGOh my gosh I can’t get enough of these little oat bites that I made this weekend. Just enough sweetness, and of course a good dose of peanut butter to fill my daily quota.

Okay, so it’s not green, but I did say “meal” didn’t I? 😉

[ 2 cups oats + 1/2 cup peanut butter + 2 T flax + 1/2 cup sunflower seeds + 1/4 cup applesauce + 2 T maple syrup + cinnamon. Mix & roll into balls. makes about 14]


salmon broc.PNGDinner was the usual suspect, a salmon pattie with some more lemon pepper seasoning, on top of a bed of broccoli with some pasta sauce. Because that just makes everything better.


I did have some cabbage, carrots, and turnip for the traditional boiled dinner, which on top of Guinness made me a big old bloat baby.



But I just can’t resist! Until next year cabbage baby.


Make it a great day!

Did you do anything for St. Paddy’s Day?

What’s the last green food you ate?

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