WIAW: Gloomy Day Eats

April showers my ass.

I am more than ready to stop hating stepping foot outside into cold, windy, wetness.

Instead, I’ll focus on the food, glorious food.


What I Ate Wednesday Logo

Despite the cold weather, smoothie bowl love game is still going strong.

Rice Cake Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

I took an instagram-worthy shot for #SmoothieBowlSaturday, and this is my not so instagram-worthy shot afterwards eaten with a rice cake….which I don’t suggest. It wasn’t good.

Stay tuned for the full recipe on IG on saturday!

Smoothie and salads. I think I need a new blog name.

Chicken Loaded Salad

LOADED. Chicken. Hummus. Salsa. Avocado. Kraut.

Mandatory post-meal apple.

Bit into Apple

I don’t know why I do this to myself, but lately I’ve been trying to give up caffeine in all forms during the week. Maybe I’m masochistic, maybe it’s maybelline. Either way, it leads to afternoon naps and general lack of motivation for any and all things. So it’s going pretty great for me.

It did manage to knock out some yoga which felt amazing, and a much later dinner than usual. ON REPEAT.

With the addition of Greek yogurt and hot sauce minus the avo, two salad a day is in full swing. Bloat boat is real.

Followed by a couple rice cakes topped with Greek yogurt and PB.

I’ve been loving on rice cakes lately. I always thought of them as boring diet cardboard, but much like most things in life, it’s all about the toppings!

Plus it’s like having toast without…toast-age.


Make it a great day!

What meal could you eat twice a day?

Favorite toast topping?

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