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Happy Wednesday!

If you made it this far, there’s a good chance caffeine/sunshine/and or alcohol was involved. I’ll let you guess which one got me here. 🙂

I feel like Tim the Toolman Taylor every time I say it, but does everybody know what time it is?


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Bonus points if you said Tool Time.

Coffee & Further Food Collagen Peptides

I’ve recently joined the club, and started adding collagen to my coffee and smoothies lately. My nails have been known to bend and break like Beckham, so I’m hoping it will help in that department, as well as ease my on-going stomach issues.

Further Food sent me some of theirs to try out, and have liked it so far. It doesn’t have a taste whatsoever, so is easy to add some extra protein to my morning coffee before I have time for breakfast.

Breakfast Sandwich Flax Muffin

Another thing I’ve been trying lately, is steering towards more of a low-carb diet to see if that will help with my stomach, and (not gunna lie) help drop a few unwanted lbs in the process.

This flax muffin (just and egg, ground flax, and baking powder microwaved) has been a decent substitute to my English muffin love, especially when topped with another egg, swiss cheese, and some veggies, plus mustard because that’s a given.

I’ve honestly felt a lot better, with a lot less bloating and practically no stomach pain in the past week or so. Granted, it’s probably because less carbs means less fiber, but I’ve be trying to get close to the recommended amount, which flax is a great source of!

Seltzer and Cobb Salad

We had a staff retreat today, which involved one of those Escape Rooms, which we managed to get out of in under the given hour. Yay teamwork!

Followed by lunch poolside, which included this bomb-diggity cobb salad, and a newfound love, pink lemonade seltzer. Yes it exists, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds.

Chocolate Protein Fluff

I’ve also been whipping up some protein shakes for afternoon snackage, which is really more like protein fluff. Just 1/2 cup almond milk, a couple scoops of Naked Whey protein, and a tablespoon of cocoa powder, blended with lotsa ice until it is light and frothy. It’s like eating a Wendy’s frosty that is made of air. LOVE.

…and there was no way of making dinner look the least bit attractive.

Broccoli and Turkey burger

At least it had taste going for it. I have been CRUSHIN turkey burgers lately, but I blame the summer for that one. This one was lettuce wrapped, swiss, mustard, and avocado mayo topped with a side of broc and a few straggler green beans. This meal was green for a reason, because it was $$MONEY$$.


Make it a great day!

Have you given collagen a try yet?

Favorite food on the grill? Grilled zucchini and corn can’t be beat.


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