WIAW: A Day in the Life of Training


Good morning friends!

How’s the week going? Did you know it was National coffee day on Monday?





Every day is national coffee day for me, but celebrated anyway.


And how is it October already?! Seriously?! Se-ri-ous-ly.


In other news…that means I’m a month into my half marathon training so I thought it would be suppperr cool to do a little check-in for today’s WIAW!

Cool? KEWL.


What I Ate Wednesday: Fun Food & Fitness


Here is a day in the life of one of my long runs, since those are the days that I try to pay more attention to fueling properly and recovering. While my long runs have only reached 5 miles so far, I’m getting into a routine to make sure I avoid any injuries and able to push myself until NOVEMBER 23! Gah! πŸ˜€





Right when I wake up, i down a big glass of water to wake up my innards. Then I start my day with a good balance of carbs/protein/fat. This time it was 3 eggs scrambled with broccoli and kale topped with salsa, sauerkraut and half a grapefruit. And coffee of course.






I am not a morning worker-outer no matter how many times I hear how effective or awesome it is. You know what else is? SLEEPING. It does the body good let me tell ya.

So on to some article work and hydrating with green tea. Pretty much the only way I can drink any other liquid other than coffee once it gets chilly.





Keeping it balanced again for lunch with some protein from tuna, carbs from veggies and salsa, and fats from avocado and nuts. Oh look! Green tea. Big surprise.





I find I run a lot better with a few more carbs in the tank, so I downed some Greek yogurt with pb and this mammoth peach that I rightly named James.





Then I hit the road for 5 miles. I did much better than last week with a 9:40 miles, opposed to last week’s 9:53. Maybe the giant peach, or the fact that I was unofficially racing a man for the last 2 miles. Can someone volunteer to come and chase me on my next long run?





Once I get home I do these three stretches on the porch while my neighbors question my sanity.


Quad Stretch

Straight Leg Calf Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch


After chugging a couple glasses of water, I then a round of foam rolling, or what I like to refer to as “voluntary torture”.


After a steamy shower comes a cold foot massage for those achy breaky arches. Seriously the best. Aside from you know like… a real foot massage.





Followed by inhaling refueling with a hot and spicy version of my salmon patties, spinach salad and a mountain of broccoli. Can you tell what veggie I’m feeling lately?



An unpictured apple and a few squares of dark chocolate finished out the day as I watched Dance Moms for the first time since being in college. My three roommates and I would watch that show RELIGIOUSLY. Abby Lee has not become any less ridiculous. I love it.


Until my runs get a little longer, no fun with fueling tests have happened yet. I know the anticipation is killing you.

Thanks again to miss Jenn for hosting!



REMEMBER: This month’s Did You Know link-up is this Friday! Tardy to this link-up party? Head on over to my new Did You Know page to check out all the deets and past topics!


Make it a great day!

Did you celebrate National Coffee Day?

Tell me one food you’re loving lately!

9 thoughts on “WIAW: A Day in the Life of Training

  1. My coworker gave me some perfectly ripe peaches the other day and I almost died from how tasty they were. I haven’t had a peach that tasty in a long time, and now Im craving them non-stop!
    Kat recently posted…[WIAW]My Profile

  2. That’s too funny you were unofficially racing someone! I definitely feel myself pick up the pace when people are watching which is great because there are ALWAYS people on my trail. It does make it challenging when I’m trying to do the whole run-walk thing because I almost want to tell the runners passing me “I was running two seconds ago! and in 58 seconds I will be running again..I swear!” πŸ™‚
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Why Would You Try to Make Money Blogging?My Profile

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