WIAW: Curing Cravings

It’s been a little while since Wednesdays and I have collab-ed, but like an old friend we’ll just pick up where we left off.

But you already knew that, right?

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Fast breaking of lately has been all about them oats, bout them oats, no smoothies.

Oatmeal Bowl with Fruit

Steel cut oats // soy milk // 1/2 scoop vanilla Vega // turmeric // cinnamon

This time a fruity tooty bowl using some leftovers from my morning class teaching kiddos how to make a breakfast banana split. I don’t care what anyone says about smoothie bowls, oatmeal, or pizza, the toppings are where it’s at.

Maybe the lack of caffeine or actually sleeping through the night, but I could NOT get it together in the energy department today. Because the dreary overcast weather really helped me out too, but forced myself to walk to the library so I could read to kids about cantaloupe and stuff their faces with melons.

..and to return library books because I’m all about that efficiency too. 😉

I was more than ready for lunch when I got back to the office, and so glad that it was warm.

Chicken Tortilla Casserole Lunch

I traded in my usual salad routine for some leftover chicken tortilla casserole from dinner last night, and so glad I had that to come in from the cold to.

Along with some subpar clementines, which need to go for the season. Bring on the berries please!

Brazil Nuts snack


Snackage was some brazil nuts …since I ate all the other nuts out of my trail mix. Along with some string cheese and an apple because I’m a bottomless pit today.


Tuna Salad Big


But I couldn’t go without a salad for a WHOLE day, amiright?! And the tuna tuesday legacy lives on…

One sweet that I constantly could go for is ice cream sandwiches. Trying to follow the intuitive eating principles, I bought some to cure my nagging craving this weekend.

Ice Cream Sandwich


I did buy the mini ones thinking half a sammy would cure my cravings…but who are we kidding, I eat two every damn time. Live and learn.


Make it a great day!

What food do you constantly crave?

Warm or cold lunches?

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