WIAW: Back in a PB Groove

Howdy folks!

Long time no oversharing! It’s good to be back to this little blog of mine after taking a digital break for a week over BAE-cation. Besides instagram. I gotta draw the line somewhere.


But what better way to jump back into the groove of things than with my favorite day of eat sharing!


What I Ate Wednesday Logo

I’m still favoring eating lower carb since it’s working for me, and why mess with a good thing? Except breakfast. I swear I have eaten 3 dozen eggs in the past week, and we in desperate need of a break. Giving the whole chia pudding thing a go again instead!


Peanut Butter Cup Chia Pudding

Mixed with unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder, a scoop of pro, and vanilla topped with a glob (actual form of measurement) of peanut butter. Peanut butter cup is a good start to literally ANYTHING.

While this kinda bfast filled me up past my usual lunch time yesterday, the same was not the case today. C’est la vie. Breaking into some dry roasted edamame right in the grocery store parking lot was a must.


Roasted Edamame


After chips and salsa making, and discovering just how much 4th graders apparently LOVE cayenne pepper (eye roll) …lunch happened.

Salad Spinach with Avocado

The quickdraw salad..spinach. tuna. avocado. hemp seeds. pickle. mustard. inhale.

A quick change to shorts since the weather decided humidity looked better than rain. Peeling your skinny jeans from your sweaty legs is one of my favorite activities.

I have to joy of getting the remaining 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow (yay!), so I am enjoying all the food I have to chew before living off of smoothies and ice cream (not complaining though) for the weekend. My favorite African Peanut Stew was on the must make list for this week.


Sudoku African Peanut Stew

I made it a little more low-carb by swapping out the carrots for celery, sweet taters for cauliflower, and cutting back on the tomatoes. But this baby is still full of veggies and flavah. Not to mention peanut buttah.

I think there needs to be a T Swift song written about my and peanut butter’s relationship. We are so wrong, but oh so right for eachother. 4EVER.


Make it a great day!

Is there any food you could never give up?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten for breakfast?

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