WIAW: All the Carbs

Hi friends!

And hoppy Wednesday!  Yes, I went there. There’s no turning back. Let’s just eat some Reese’s peanut butter eggs and move along now.


Although the thought of a smoothie sounds like it would be quick and easy, when you throw 27 ingredients in them and then have to clean a giant blender it’s far from it. Oats on the other hand…

FullSizeRender 6

1/2 cup oats // 1 scoop chocolate protein powder // 1 tablespoon peanut butter // hemp seeds


Lemon squeezy. A recycled photo since the cat food bowl of oats I ate instead were far less appetizing.


After a failed attempt at getting kids to like tofu, (which I used this Skinny Orange Chicken recipe for, and just swapped tofu for. It came out delicious!) I was more than looking forward to lunch.


salad topped with a bean burger  // 1/4 avocado // Granny smith apple

Unfortunately now that I’m on the meat-eating wagon again, not having a good source of protein and/or fats with a meal makes me hungry in about 3 seconds. Thanks to my lack of meal preppage, more carb-ular snacks commenced.


I’m especially weird (aka lazy) and like English muffins untoasted. I like the chew > the crunch.

After a quick sweat sesh to try out my new running shoes, and painful shin splints later (fail) dinner and I were destined for each other.


salmon patty // salad // Dijon mustard

And we couldn’t neglect the carbs at dinnertime either now could we?


For the amount of sweet potatoes I eat, it’s a mystery how I am not in fact an oompa loompa. One of the great mysteries of the world..

Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite carby food? 

Are you fan of black jelly beans? 

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6 thoughts on “WIAW: All the Carbs

  1. I LOVE Carbs. Isn’t it awesome that God created so many different versions of carbs? 🙂 My favorite carby fruit is a banana. My favorite bread ‘carb’ is probably french toast or waffles or pancakes? I guess that wouldn’t be ‘carb’ but ‘carbs.’
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