WIAW: All the Antioxidants

Glory hallelujah for hump day!

Just waiting for Spring to get the memo that it’s a bit past it’s world premiere. This snow thing has much overstayed it’s welcome.

But alas, it’s mid-week, and we can all rejoice in the fact that there’s a delicious day of eats to be shared.


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I am fighting off some evil a’brewin’, whether it’s allergies or a cold, I want no part in it. So all the antioxidants went into this breakfast smoothie bowl.

Smoothie Bowl Antioxidant

3/4 cup almond milk // 1 scoop vanila Vega // 1 cup frozen wild blueberries // matcha powder // turmeric // cinnamon // chia seeds // sliced banana + strawberry // shredded coconut

…along with lemon green tea, ginger candies, and this rando issue of Runner’s World that showed up in my mailbox. I’ll take it.

The smoothie bowl was supah thick, and felt more like eating cake batter covered in trendy super foods. Inhaled all too quickly.

Luckily it did power me through til lunch, which was this spinach and turkey quinoa casserole I doctored up from this recipe.

Spinach Turkey Quinoa

Not the prettiest, but I am finally coming around to quinoa. The trick is to mix it with as many ingredients and flavors as possible to disguise the fact that I’m eating quinoa. It’s really working for me.

After tasting some stem veggies (aka raw celery and asparagus. SO fun.) with kindergarteners, I fueled up before my FitnessBlender

workout with some new flavahs.

Health Ade and Perfect Bar

..not to mention some frozen bloob evidence on my hand. 🙂

The blueberry cashew perfect bar and pink lady apple health ade both were meh in the flavor department for me. I do however love these kombucha bottles. So apothecary-ish.

I did a killer quick upper body workout, and a good dose of freelance work, so I was more than ready for some crime shows and dinner.

Tuna and Egg Salad

Keeping those Tuna Tuesday dreams alive! A HB egg and salsa, because I’ve gone too long (like 2 weeks) without these beauties in my life.

Ended with something sweet.

Granny Smith TV

Make it a great day!

What’s your favorite cold-busting tips?

Has Spring sprung your way yet?

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