Why MSG Is Ruining Your Health

Hey-yo party folks! It feels like ages since we’ve seen each other. Adapting to me new posting schedule is taking a little time, seeing as I now take photos of my food for Wednesday posts automatically. Don’t fret about me though, I am strong and will get through this. 😀


I mean I love you guys, like LOVE you guys, but posting only twice a week has been…well a bit liberating. Instead of stressing to get a post out, I can now take the extra time to chat, be more present on social media, and …oh yeah READ OTHER BLOGS! My blog feed was up to 400 posts at one point. Now 140 feels manageable..




And now I get to fill you on on my crazzzzyy (humble) life!


One of my NY resolutions was to get out and walk more throughout the day. I’m still waiting for my FitBit to arrive (today!) but have made a point to walk for at least an hour a day. I parked further away to make it a 15 minute walk each way from work, and take 30 minutes to walk on lunch.


minus temps.jpg


And I picked the worst week to do it. Winter has finally made its way to New England, resulting in skating rink sidewalks, -8 degree temperatures, howling winds, and intermittent snow storms.


But I still did it! I bundled up, put on my big girl fleece-lined pants, and walked my frozen tundra as$ around town!


snow walk.jpg


And then there was that time I wore my running gear to work because it’s the warmest apparel I own…


run gear.jpg


Thank god I work in a place that doesn’t have a strict dress code policy. I mean, my running pants WERE black after all..


In other and unrelated news, I have been sucked into the addicting world of Trivia Crack. I guess they named that appropriately…






So it’s a week after New Year’s, and we’re all snug into our resolutions for another week or so, but I know a lot of people who celebrate the last day of the year with the one food we know is horrible for our innards, but tastes too damn good to resist: Chinese Food.


MSG Chinese


Or what I like to refer to as, “What America Does to Healthy Food.”

I mean, historically the Asian culture is loaded with vegetables, bits of meat, and rice with the lack of health issues to go with it.

Instead, this has been adulterated with deep fryers, inflammatory oils, and a little devil called MSG.


Have you ever wondered why you can take down a “family-size” carton of fried rice, bowl of lo-mein, and half a dozen crab rangoon for dessert, and come back ready for more in an hour?


Or how the bottom of a bag of chips seems to come soon after you ripped it open?


The evil food industry masterminds are laughing with glee. That’s what they WANT to happen.



MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a flavor enhancer added to foods to give them a more savory and pleasurable taste. Sounds all hanky dory, right?


Instead of a food additive, it really should be called a food ADDICTive, since it is designed to keep you eating no matter if you are full or not, and keep coming back for more.


Besides making you simply eat more of the foods you probably shouldn’t be eating in the first place, MSG alone is harmful for your health. To put it frankly, this is why MSG is RUINING your health.


A 2012 study in the Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism studied the effect of MSG on a group of participants in Thailand. Apart from any other factors such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle, or gender, MSG alone increased the risk for metabolic syndrome, the leading risk factor for heart disease worldwide.


MSG alone increased the risk for metabolic syndrome, the leading risk factor for heart disease worldwide.


MSG has also been linked to increase the risk of:

-high blood pressure


-type II diabetes


What stood out to me in this study was the fact that the participants were from a rural part of Thailand, cooking all their own meals, and eating together as a family, which are otherwise health-promoting factors. This solidifies that the findings weren’t caused from some other lifestyle factor. (source)


So what does that mean for you?


It all goes back to my recommendations for following any healthy way of eating.

-Eat ‘real’ foods, not packaged or processed junk

-Read labels

-Make your own meals

-Be informed


But in the case that you are reading labels, and buying foods that don’t contain any MSG, here’s a handy graphic to help you out.


MSG Info

There are many other foods that contain MSG that I couldn’t fit on the list, so be sure to read your labels!


If you go out for Chinese or have it delivered, you can always ask if they use MSG or ask for them not to prepare your food with it.


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Make it a great day!

Did you know about MSG?

How are your resolutions going?

Or if you didn’t make any, what are your weekend plans?

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  1. Great post Emily!! MSG is so nasty!! I’m lucky that I’ve asked my favorite Chinese restaurant if they use it & they said they do not, which is great news! Plus, I always opt for the steamed meals with no sauce anyway… it’s a good way to ensure I’m getting cleaner food & no extra additives. In other words, it’s a great REAL food meal for when I’m feeling lazy & don’t want to cook my own chicken & veggies. 😉
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