When in ‘Bama..

Welcome Sunday. You always get here too fast. Like the last bite of an ice cream cone. Or when it’s time to step out of a hot shower to a freezing cold house. Or the roller coaster ride you waited 2.5 hours to ride for 25 seconds. Or….ok you get the hint.

Normally Sunday would bring you recipes and foodie adventures, but I decided to mix it up this week. I had planned to post about the Spinach & Lentil Dahl I made yesterday but it was just “okay” which just won’t do for Sinful Nutrition and my high standards. I mean, you have to live up to the complexity and sophistication of peanut butter and fluff french toast. Two words: High Class.

Since I moved down here to Alabama in August, I’ve started a bucket list of things to try that my yankee counterparts can’t live up to in NH. Mostly for my gratification but also for your viewing pleasure I thought I would share the list of epic Southern spectacles. Of course with me it contains about 80% food related adventures, but did you really expect any less?? Herewego:

The Southern Sixty:

  1. Drink Sweet Tea
  2. Belt out “Sweet Home Alabama” when arriving into Alabama
  3. Try Fried Green Tomatoes
  4. Try Fried Okra
  5. Visit a large truckstop
  6. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  7. Go Skydiving
  8. Have/Attend a Crawfish Boil
  9. Eat at a restaurant featured on Food Network or Travel Channel
  10. Shoot a gun
  11. Buy an excessively large belt buckle
  12. Try Soft-shell crab
  13. Visit Paula Deen’s restaurant
  14. Go on an air boat ride
  15. Drink beer out of a mason jar
  16. Go to Mardi Gras
  17. Eat a Po’ Boy Sandwich
  18. Drink a Hurricane
  19. Eat Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
  20. Have King Cake
  21. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  22. Drink a Mint Julep
  23. Wear a giant floppy hat at the derby
  24. Try Crawfish
  25. Try Absinthe
  26. Make a good pot of collard greens
  27. Make a Chess Pie
  28. Bake a Cobbler
  29. Go Peach Picking
  30. Try a Pimento Cheese Sandwich
  31. Visit the Gulf Coast
  32. Visit Nashville
  33. Make a Gumbo
  34. Make a Jambalaya
  35. Eat at Lambert’s Cafe
  36. Go to a Sporting Event
  37. Ride a train overnight
  38. Go to a concert at the Riverfront
  39. Try a Moon Pie
  40. Make Grits
  41. Try Shrimp & Grits
  42. Drink a coke with peanuts in it
  43. Go to a Baptist Church
  44. Pick Cotton
  45. Visit Gone With the Wind Museum
  46. Go Square Dancing
  47. Try Boiled Peanuts
  48. Go Fishin’
  49. Go to LuLu’s
  50. Go to a tailgating party
  51. Host a tupperware party
  52. Make Hoppin’ John
  53. Visit Peach Park
  54. Make biscuits & gravy
  55. Ride a horse
  56. Have a picnic
  57. Use my cast iron skillet
  58. Ride a river boat (I snuck on one, that counts)
  59. Visit Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky
  60. Buy a cowboy hat/boots, I was given a cowboy hat as a gift. Even better!

I’m sure I’m forgetting things and will continue to grow. Hafta say, I think I’ve made a good dent so far.

Since I have been away for work, and will be for another 2 weeks,  I haven’t made any real recipes lately, but here are some you can expect in the near future:

Snickers Pancakes

Jelly Donut French Toast

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

“Chicken” & Dumplin’s

Have a great rest of your day!

5 thoughts on “When in ‘Bama..

  1. I spent some time looking at your list. I think if you do #13 (visit Paula Deen’s restaurant), you can probably cross off #8,11,12,15,22,24,42,46,and 54 off the list. Also pack some food for the trip and cross off #56 as well!

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