The Ultimate Quick & Easy Salmon Patty Recipe

The Ultimate Quick & Easy Salmon Patty Recipe — A super fast and inexpensive way to get your salmon fix. No breadcrumbs required! Gluten-free & Paleo-friendly

The Ultimate Quick & Easy Salmon Patty Recipe -- A super fast and inexpensive way to get your salmon fix. No breadcrumbs required! Gluten-free & Paleo-friendly

I’m currently typing this at 6 PM, and the sun is still beaming it’s shiny little face. I’d like to call that the unofficial commencement of Spring. How did I manage to survive this winter unscathed?! May those not be my famous last words…

While I may have slept in to a painstakingly late 8AM this morning, my entire day wasn’t horribly shot since it started with the only acceptable breakfast on a Sunday morning.


My usual ย with 1/2 a scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in, and topped with a generous serving of homemade sunbutter and maple syrup.

After an extra cup of extra bold coffee and my Sunday morning Food Network fix, I was surprisingly eager to crush my lower body workout. I did this workout from Slim Sanity with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down on the treadmill.

FullSizeRender 5

After not being able to walk for 2 days after the last time I did this workout, I felt the need to roll out (Ludacris style) afterwards. Either that, or install one of those emergency string pulls next to the toilet for when my quads simply stop quading.

Hokay, so I’ve referenced/featured these notorious salmon patties on the blog 110 times now, but only gave a half-assed excuse for a recipe to go along with them. Well, their day has finally come.

Easy Salmon Patties Recipe

I could easily go back to being a vegetarian if vegetables were actually made from seafood. Scallops, haddock, clams, lobster….I mean there IS a reason why I live in Maine.


But salmon is my all-time favorite, and is usually my prime choice when I go out to dinner. Thanks to my all-the-women-who-independent-but-actually-im-still-kinda-broke budget, wild caught salmon filets don’t exactly fit next to my canned bean and egg grocery cart.

Salmon Patties

Dat canned salmon doh? Snug as a bug. At around $3 per can of wild Alaskan salmon, that works out to just over $1 a serving with these salmon patties. Suck on that dollar menu french fries. Boom.

Easy Salmon Patties

I even buy the kind with the bones and the skin still on, which gives an extra bit of calcium (from the bones) and omega 3 fats (from the skin). Once you get over the gross out factor, I can promise you won’t even know they’re in there.

Salmon Patties Ingredients

…that is besides the giant spinal cord bones. Those ones I do the messy job of taking out. Since I usually make these without dirtying my food processor, these bigger bones don’t get as easily crushed up as the tiny pin bones. If you go the processor route, you could probably get away without having to do this dirty job. But just to gross you out before we even get to making these….

Salmon Patties Bones

I guess it’s too late to say viewer discretion advised, right?

It’s okay, I was there too at one point, but when you make these bad boys like clockwork you become immune. Same as to the fact that they even need a recipe.

Quick Salmon Patties Recipe

I don’t like to use breadcrumbs, because…well 1.) I’m lazy. 2.) I’m (super) cheap. and 3.) I have an aversion to keeping food items around that I don’t use regularly. Here’s looking at you tahini..

While these can be temperamental at times without them, there’s nothing a little smoosh and dollop of hummus on top can’t handle. The key is to drain off as much as the liquid from the salmon as possible. Or just don’t be as judgmental.

Quick and easy salmon patties recipe

Quick & Easy Salmon Patty Recipe
Recipe type: Dinner, Entree
Serves: 3-4 patties
  • 1 (15 ounce) can salmon with bones and skin, drained
  • 1 egg
  • preferred seasoning (garlic powder, cumin, curry powder, etc)
  1. Heat a large skillet over medium heat.
  2. Add drained salmon to a large bowl or food processor.
  3. Add preferred seasonings and egg.
  4. Mix thoroughly with hands, or pulse in food processor.
  5. Spray skillet with non-stick spray.
  6. Form salmon mixture into 3-4 patties.
  7. Add to prepared skillet, and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Flip, and cook each patty for an additional 1-2 minutes, or until browned.


I usually mix up the spices every time I make these, which is why I didn’t give specifics in the recipe. Here’s a few of my favorite blends though.

Garlic powder + cumin + lime juice

Lemon Pepper

Chili powder + cumin

Curry powder

Garlic + dill + lemon juice


Now you can buy your own car, pay yo bills, and “splurge” on salmon dinners too!

Salmon Patties Recipe


Make it a great day!

Have you ever used canned salmon?

What’s your Sunday morning routine?

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