Tricep Triple Play Upper Body Workout

Wake up it’s Wednesday! I apologize for being MIA on Monday, but I was out in the middle of nowhere Maine for a weekend camping trip, and unfortunately they haven’t figured out how to install WiFi in pine trees yet. We stayed at Mt. Blue State Park in Weld, Maine which had the best views of the surrounding mountains off of the lake. Despite coming home with a jumble of bug bites and a cold, I had a blast eating s’mores, hiking, and sitting around the campfire. It’s much easier to stay active with early morning runs and hiking when there’s no temptation of Full House marathons and 50 1-minute chocolate cake recipes on Pinterest at my fingertips. 

Awhile back, I had begged and pleaded kindly encouraged someone to buy the biking shirt from Threadless for me. Well one of the benefits of having your Dad read your blog everyday is receiving surprise packages in the mail. Thanks Daddy-o!


You know, I can’t say I’d be mad if someone swung by the hole in the wall store of Tiffany’s to buy me a modest diamond-studded bracelet. Hey, it worked the first time. You can’t blame a girl for trying ; )

Now I try and keep a healthy and active lifestyle, but I still have my flaws in accomplishing fitness and food perfection. Maybe I eat peanut butter and ice cream enough to call it my full-time job. Maybe I convince myself that watching Food Network some days is much more important than going out for a run. But one thing that I, like many other ladies out there dread is the infamous underarm flab that keeps waving long after you’ve said goodbye.


Targeting the triceps, or the underarm area is one of the hardest places to exercise which i can attest to. I wanted to create a exercise routine to target the triceps in multiple ways in order to maximize the flab fighting power. This workout had my arms feeling like jell-o, but not in a flabby bat-wing kinda way. More like an “ohmygosh my arms are so sore I can’t even pick up a paperclip” kinda jell-o. If there’s any chance of fighting off the flab, I think this routine has a good chance.

Tricep Triple Play

Some helpful videos:

-Tricep Pushups


-Bent Rows

-Front Raises

I’m lucky my arms are functional enough to allow me to type this. While my potential old lady arm flab days are quite a bit ahead of me, I’m getting an early start on retirement keeping that “second wave” away.

Have a swell day!

Do you enjoy camping?

What’s your “trouble zone”?


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