The Secret to Longevity No One Tells You About.


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It’s the first Friday of the month, so before you gorge on a healthy plate of beans (jelly), eggs (cadbury), and carrots (cake) for (F)easter, let’s dish up some nutrition knowledge for this month’s Did You Know link-up!


Did You Know..


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I love old people. Full of wisdom. Stories. Antics. And share my eating and sleeping patterns.


There’s always news headlines about new members of the 100+ club. Centenarians if you want to get technical. And so comes the question..


What’s the key for how to live longer?


And which ones do we remember?



” A shot of whiskey before bed.”

“10 slices of bacon for breakfast every morning.”

or a recent one I’ve seen..

“A Dr. Pepper every day.”


Great! All I have to do is add a cocktail and a pound of bacon to my daily routine, and I’ll live to be like.. 200!



Or maybe it’s not even these kinds of headlines that stick out to you. Even the healthy ones are what we aim to accomplish to keep kickin’ into the triple digits.

Omega-3 fats

Red wine

Plant-based diets

Daily exercise


What if I told you none of it really mattered?




Sure, I eat healthy and exercise because it makes me feel good.

And it is good for your body. But is it the secret to longevity?

According to the Longevity Project, it’s much more simple.

Started in 1921, 1500 healthy boys and girls were followed through until 1990, where different aspects of health and lifestyles were examined for keys to longevity. What did they find?

Stress. Some of it in life is good. Jobs that are a little more stressful cause you to work a bit harder.

Happiness. Isn’t actually the key to longevity. Those who were more cheerful and optimistic as a child often took more risks, smoked, and drank more later in life.

Responsibility. Those who were a bit more serious and conscientious were opened to greater experiences and opportunities in life.


So what’s the bottom line?



Go after what makes you happy.

Give it 100%.

Do what you are willing to fight for.

Who knows. Maybe you’ll live to tell your story 200 years from now.

..while drinking a Dr. Pepper. 😉

Read more about the Longevity Project here.


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Make it a great day!

Are you celebrating Easter? What are you most looking forward to?

What do you think the key to a long life is?

7 thoughts on “The Secret to Longevity No One Tells You About.

  1. I totally agree that stress plays a huge role! And getting enough sleep. I recently saw a picture on Instagram that said something like “health priorities: sleep, diet then excercise.” It seems like sometimes these are in the reverse order OR we put sleep on the back burner completely.

    Ps I’m super jealous of the Emily hang out last week! I think you should take a trip to the Midwest sometime soon… 😉

    Happy Did You Know Friday!
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…Did You Know #15: Epsom Salt BathsMy Profile

  2. Hi Emily! First, I have to say that this link-up is my all-time fave link-up. I often just lurk on the posts without commenting, but know that I TOTALLY love you guys appreciating science’s role in helping us learn about health and ourselves. (And sorry I don’t have any current posts to link-up…I participate when I can, but my blog has been kinda empty lately!).

    Anyway, I’m curious about your conclusion in response to the study. You said happiness isn’t the key to longevity, but then you said the bottom line is to go after what makes you happy. I read the article, and honestly it sounded like they found a lot of things that *aren’t* the key to longevity…but never really nailed down anything that *is*! Is that maybe why you suggest pursuing happiness? If there’s no specific prescription for us to follow, then we might as well enjoy the ride? I’d love to hear the thought process behind your interpretation! Also, thanks for sharing this article…it’s fascinating stuff!
    Ashleigh recently posted…Introducing: Dear SelfMy Profile

    • Hi Ashleigh! I am SO happy to hear that. I’m glad you enjoy it! 😀

      What I got from the study mostly is that being hard working at something you enjoy doing is what had healthier outcomes. So I think overall happiness is great for health, but working towards something you truly believe in or enjoy with it is also important. Does that make sense?

      • I think that makes sense. Because they said people who worked harder lived longer, maybe? So find something you enjoy working on, so at least you’re not miserable for all those extra years. lol. That sounds like good advice to me!

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