WIAW: Tuna Twosdays

Ayyye Wednesday!

Where’d you come from?! This week is fa-fal FLYIN by like cray so far. You sneaky week you.

That means it’s already everybody’s favorite food oversharing time of the week!


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After making “pie” aka canned peaches in a whole wheat tortilla shell first thing in the morning, it was smoothie bowl time!

Smoothie Bowl Green

I’d like to call it green goddess, but really it’s more like green swamp monster…goddess. Full recipe coming to you this #SmoothieBowlSaturday!

The morning flew by, and eating b-fast a little later called for no mid-morn snack. I’ll be taking that non-stop flight straight into lunch-town USA thankyouverymuch.

Salad with tuna salsa

A salad with tuna and salsa. Really stepping out of my comfort zone today. I’m doing that whole food torturing thing I mentioned last Wednesday again this week, which means canned fish is my BBFL IRL yet again.

A work meeting called for an office favorite bowl of Little Lad’s Herbal popcorn, and this really attractive half a chicken apple sausage in a corn tortilla. It worked, and I was hungry.

Apple Chicken Sausage


I’m no stranger to those two a day meals, which meant Tuna Tuesdays turned into Tuna Twosdays.

Salad Peppercorn tuna

Cuz if you haven’t figured it out by now, these meals are actually from Tuesday. I haven’t quite nailed that whole time travel thing down, but I’m thiiiiis close.

Along with some of my parmesan peppercorn dressing I forgot I had, which made this salad seem a lot fancier than just a can of tuna thrown on a pile of romaine with some withering veggies and salsa. The little things…

Followed up with a bowl of peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream since Enlightened sent me a bunch of their flavors to try out. In all ways of being cheesy, I’ve been enlightened.

Enlightened Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Followed up with the best dessert of all.

Dark Yoga Mat

I started another yoga challenge with Adriene, since I guess that’s what I do this time of year, and it’s what my indecisive mind wants as of now. I’ll take it.


Make it a great day!

Favorite dessert of all time?

How do you like to unwind at night?

WIAW: With Questionable Fruit

Good morning friends!

It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do to a gal. Not hating my life as soon as I step outside into cold, windy, frizz-inducing rain felt like walking on rainbows after a month of this BS.

Now I actually WANT to do things like go for walks, workout, and get sheiit DONE…instead of binge watching Forensic Files and doing soduku puzzles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

But it’s time to eat!


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