WIAW: Why I’m Doing Whole 30

Happy Wednesday!

You know how we do ’round these parts when the week strikes hump.



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It’s no secret if you read this post’s title that I started the Whole 30. It was pretty much on a whim over the weekend, after enduring another week of unexplained and unanswered stomach issues.

I had success with lowering my carb intake in the past, but it took a toll on my energy levels and frozen bananas makes smoothies taste 110% better than cauliflower.

I’ve also just feeling blah with food, and want to get my constant snacking and cupboard rummaging under control.

Plus, I’m always like 3 years behind the latest trends, so it was about time. Day 3, and going strong..famous last words.


Egg Bake Breakfast and Avocado

I knew I’d be traveling to Philly and visiting a school for the greater part of the day, so a 5:30 wake up call and a hearty breakfast were what I had to look forward to.

I made an frittata similar to this one, but added in some kale from the farmer’s market, plus some roasted veggies, avocado, and hemp seeds, cuz I’m all about dem fats.

I didn’t get home until about 2:30, and was STARVING. Lucky for me, the boyf made a hugh jass batch of my sausage soup, and the fact that I prefer my soups cold (weird) since this was eaten straight outta the fridge topped with some nutritional yeast.

Turkey Sausage Soup Bowl

Can y’all say Jersey effen peaches?! Cuz I sure as hell did, face planting into this one. Super juicy and no cling pit. Life is beautiful sometimes.

Fresh Peach Bite

My body was calling for some intensity, so naturally I hit up BBG. I lasted 1.5 rounds in this hazy humid weather. I was drenched. It was awesome. Mission accomplished.

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to wait to have a meal, so you just keep having little snacks along the way, and then the meal finally comes and you’re full after a few bites? It happened.

I snacked on some cashews and carrots sticks with and almond butter, and decided I should just eat the damn meal instead of these half assed snacks. This is all I got to.

salad turmeric tuna

The depressing end of a romaine head topped with yesterday’s tuna salad I didn’t have at lunch, and a pickle. It worked.

Then came half a banana topped with almond butter and sunflower seeds to cure this relentless sweet tooth post-meal, and a cup of mint green tea. And The Office. ALWAYS The Office.


Make it a great day!


What’s one food you’ve been loving lately?

Dreading or awaiting fall?


WIAW: Back in Black.

Oh, Wednesday. Here art thou.

And what would a Wednesday be without making it my favorite day of eating.

What I Ate Wednesday Logo

Fast breaking involved a flax English muffin sandwich with an extra egg, spinach, and peanut butter eaten while writing my gratitude list, to do list, and doodling of course. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Flax Egg Sandwich and Coffee


Working for a food company has it’s perks…like food. Can I get a what what for free lunch err day!?

Today was chicken, pasta, and black bean salad. I managed to snap a pic halfway through. I may be a little rusty in my WIAW game.

Chicken and Pasta Salad Lunch


Now that I’m living in New Jersey, it’s only appropriate to eat all the Jersey peaches right now. Team #nocling pits for lyfe!


Peach Bite


I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of walking on my lunch breaks, which results in laps around an industrial park since our streets here at work don’t have sidewalks. LAME.

I think it’s safe to say that black pants on a 90 degree humid day was a bad choice. Either way, I lasted a solid 30 minutes PLUS a bonus 15 minute afternoon pick me up walk. Gettin’ it DUN.


My favorite afternoon chocolate fix.


Dark Chocolate KIND Bar

If you missed my debut back in yesterday’s post, I introduced this powerhouse of a breakfast salad…which turned into a dinner salad. Does this make it breakfast for dinner?


Breakfast Salad for Dinner bowl


After a week of being out of touch with the world (aka no internet) I was more than ready to sweat my face off with another Fitness Blender workout, which did in fact induce profuse face sweating.

Selfie Post Workout


Let’s plan to meet again for a hot bev and A Little Somethin’ Sunday this weekend, kay?



Make it a great day!

What’s good that you’ve been eating lately?

Loathing or loving the end of summer?