Vegan Vegetable Lasagna

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”


Martin Luther King, Jr.


Good morning friends! I wanted to start out the day with a great quote from the man we are celebrating today with, Martin Luther King, Jr. Along with many of his other moving words and speeches, this quote is pretty powerful.

It reminds me that even if you can’t see what the future holds or how things will pan out, keep faith in what you really want in life and it will come to you. That will help me through numerous things in my life right now and keeps me focused on the positive things life brings me.


This weekend was pretty low key (big surprise) especially since we got an unexpected foot of snow. Remember those Spring fever temps I was talking about earlier?




Yeah..along with my hopes and dreams of an early Spring they got buried by a foot of snow. A light dusting turned into a blizzard in no time and luckily I got my grocery shopping done early enough in the day before it got too bad out. What would have I done alone in the house all day with nothing to eat but a can of cranberry sauce and silken tofu?! Priorities people. Learn them.

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