Smoky Tempeh Stuffed Acorn Squash

Smoky Tempeh Stuffed Acorn Squash — A hearty vegan recipe that’s perfect for your holiday meal or dinner! You won’t even miss the meat! 

Smoky Tempeh Stuffed Acorn Squash -- A hearty vegan recipe that's perfect for your holiday meal or dinner! You won't even miss the meat!| @sinfulnutrition #vegan #thanksgiving


Happy Halloween my friends!

The scariest part of today will probably be the fact that I’m running on little sleep and I’ve only had one cup of coffee thus far. My class of kiddos this morning will see just what the living dead actually looks like….

While some are passing out bowls of candy, others are already singing Christmas carols. Choose your squad wisely.

I’m amongst those all eye roll emoji at all the holiday commercials between the Exorcist, and lighted trees next to the blow up ghosts on harleys. Thanksgiving however, is in da buildinggg!

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WIAW: Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve my friends!

I hope that your pumpkins are hung by the pie crusts with care, in the hope that food comas soon will there.

But first, let’s prime our digestive engines with some WIAW with Jenn!





My fast breaking meal started with a few of my favorite things…that aren’t orange or ground peanuts.

1/2 English muffin with pumpkin butter // 2 egg omelette with kale and avocado

And a camera shy apple on the side. They always seem to escape the lens.


At work, we had a potluck instead of our usual meeting in the spirit of the holiday. That is one kinda meeting I can fully pay attention, and make a solid contribution to.

There was a smorgasbord of good eats, including vegan shepherd’s pie, 7 layer dip, butternut squash soup, and my French lentil salad.



All the good eats left me full through my usual afternoon snack, until my usual boring but I like it so tough luck kinda dinner.

Kale salad // cottage cheese // chickpeas // balsamic dressing

And another apple because I have a bushel to my name. Can I invest in an orchard?



Packing for the NH holidays, and binge watching Friends sure works up an appetite, especially for my favorite nighttime protein mug cake.



And now I’m off to have visions of gravy boats dancing in my heads.

Still need some Thanksgiving inspiration? Get some amazing recipes for appetizers, biscuits, squash, and of course sangria!

Make it a great day!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Any holiday traditions?

12 Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas

Set the stage for the big meal with these one of a kind Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas that will leave your guests grateful they came to your dinner party!

12 Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas -- Set the stage for the big meal with these one of a kind bites that will leave your guests grateful for coming to your dinner party!


It’s Monday!

And only 3 more days stand in my way of an unforgettable meal, and time spent with the ones I love.




Good thing I’m not in charge of the turkey.

Sure, Thanksgiving may be the biggest meal of the year, by why stop at one MEAL?!

I like to keep the holidays going as long as possible, so making T-Day a full 12 hour event keeps the spirit alive from sun up, to sun down, which is now roughly 4 hours. Thanks daylight savings.

And none of it would get down without the assistance of my little helpers, coffee and  sangria.

So I made a list, checked it twice, and came up with the most mouthwatering and amazing Thanksgiving appetizer ideas to get your turkey (or tofurkey) party started!

Better yet, most of them have ingredients that you probably already have or are preparing for your holiday meal, which makes them even easier!

And my wine glass a little less full.

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