Pre-Workout Potato Energy Bites

Pre-Workout Potato Energy Bites Recipe — A healthy and portable snack made with simple ingredients, and no refined sugars! 

Pre-Workout Potato Energy Bites Recipe -- A healthy and portable snack made with simple ingredients, and no refined sugars! | @sinfulnutrition #AD @potatogoodness

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Hi friends!

Raise it up if you stayed awake for the whole game last night?!


Sleep > watching the Patriots lose (I actually have no clue since I’m typing this…as they lose)

Either way I hope you’re recovering from whatever hangover/food coma/broken heart you’re mending this morning. And I’m here to help!

Pre-Workout Potato Energy Bites Recipe -- A healthy and portable snack made with simple ingredients, and no refined sugars! | @sinfulnutrition #AD @potatogoodness

With the incredible, the edible, potato?


In a tiny, portable, totally trendy bite.

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Meal Plan & The Final Stretch

Hey-yo party folks!

We all chipper and dapper this Monday morning?

I’m pretty sure my body hates me today, since yesterday was my last long run before the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon next weekend!

I had a minor…nah MAJOR panic attack when I realized it is next weekend, rather than two weeks out that I had thought. I had yet to perfect my morning breakfast or different fueling options, and realizing this was my lost shot kinda threw me into a panic.



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Drink for Success? {Vega Sport Review}


Oh hey. Just me posting on a Tuesday. Life changing, head turning, mind blowing news I know, I’m just so unpredictable.



I’m here because this week is just jam-packed with good news and good stuff in the life of Sinful Nutrition. I’ll leave you in suspense on the deets, but Maxie and Jason break up and Kristen is pregnant. Oh yeah, my life isn’t actually a soap opera…


Remember back in the day when I gorged myself on chocolate covered Vega bars in Vegas Philly?




Well I needed something to wash them all down with, so the lovely folks at Vega and my Sweat Pink sisters gave me the opportunity to review a product of my choosing from the Vega Sport line as part of the #FuelYouBetter campaign.


Vega Bar Blogger photo Badge_Vega200_zps53a557dd.png



I opted for their sugar free pre-workout energizer


It is designed to help with shorter workouts of less than an hour which works perfect for my T25 workouts and speed work runs, which is both around 20-25 minutes. Here’s the basic run-down on what each packet has to offer:

-Enhance mental focus

-Increase energy

-Boost endurance

-All natural ingredients, no artificial sugars

-Only 5 calories


I’m usually one of those folks that needs a good meal or snack in me before I run or exercise. Well not RIGHT before, because I think my food would be making a second appearance, but I at least need some food in me or else I fade pretty fast.


A few days I opted to try my workouts before a meal and added in a packet of the Vega to see if it would help.




It states to add it to a glass of water 20 minutes before a workout. So my first time I did just that.



Sorry to say, but I was not a fan of the flavor. Now I’ve never bitten into an acai berry, but if it tasted a bit like sweetened plastic I may not ever want to. The next time I added it to a bottle of vitamin water which helped, but still couldn’t mask the flavor completely. I still gulped it down nonetheless to see if it would make a difference.


My first time was with my T25 workout which I was able to power through no problem. I usually don’t have too much trouble pounding through these all while cursing Shaun T’s name so I couldn’t really tell if it was improved all that much from usual.



The next time was before my speed work at the track which I decided to do right before dinner, but went for it anyway. This time I could definitely feel a difference in my body. I wasn’t “jittery” but my body was ready to get movin’.




I knocked out my first speed work despite the blazing sun and lack of food fuel so maybe it did make a difference in my performance. Either that or my motivation to dig into strawberry pie and watch Frozen helped.





Bottom line? I could definitely feel an improvement in my energy levels before my run, and would use it if I didn’t want/have time to exercise after dinner. I really wasn’t a fan of the taste or chalky feel it had to it, but maybe the lemon-lime flavor would be more my style. I liked that “sugar-free” didn’t mean it was pumped full of artificial sweeteners, but used stevia instead since I still watch the amount of sugar and sweeteners I use. I would say give it a try if you are looking for something to give you an energy boost without sugar or tons of caffeine like a lot of products on the market. It’s much better mixed into something with some flavor rather than just water.



Make it a great day!

Have you ever tried an acai berry?

How do you fuel your workout?

**Disclaimer: This post was written in exchange for a free sample from Vega in association with Sweat Pink Ambassadors. All thoughts and opinions as always are my own.**