My 12 Favorite Posts of 2016


Maybe you noticed (or didn’t. that’s cool too) that I took a brief hiatus from pretty much as digital media during the holidays. It may be the blogger thing to document every awesome moment during the holidays, but for me it’s the time when I need to unplug the most, and just enjoy the awkward family moments as they are.

But I’m back! Before we give 2016 the long awaited boot, I got the idea from Kylie to share my favorite posts from each month of this past year. Herreegooes.

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8 Blog Recipes I Make Most Often

Some of my all-time favorite blog recipes that I make all the time, plus other bloggers’ recipes I use most often!

8 Blog Recipes I Make Most Often |

You know what’s worse than sleepy Monday mornings? Awkward intros.


So let’s avoid them, and get on with it.

There’s upwards of 100+ recipes on this little blog of mine. A lot of them are vegetarian. Some of them are paleo-friendly. 100% of them are just quirky enough to be mine.

But there’s some that I come back to time and time again like an old friend. The one you can count on to tell you if your pits stink or whether or not you look good in orange.

Where were we? I forgot we’re actually talking about blog recipes and not an episode of 7th Heaven.

Now that we’re already kickin’ it old school like the old AF fool I am, let’s TRL this bitch, and countdown my favorites!


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