Salut & Bonjour!

Ello my Etats-Unis ( and international) friends! Oh how I miss you. Probably as much as I love French cheese. Don’t worry, I’m eating plenty of it for you.

With a few more days left of my French adventure I wanted to check in and say Bonjour to you, and let you know I am much alive and much fed.

While I will be filling you in as much as I am filling my belly these days with recaps, here’s some photos of a few of my adventures.

Locks of love in Paris.


The view of a morning run in Toul.


Some bovine friends I met on a mountaintop.


Getting in my apple a day the French way.


Bowls > Cups of coffee.

See you next week!!

Eat Croissants. Drink Wine. Be Skinny : The French Paradox


Hiya pals! Welcome to another Monday morning. Let’s all take a deep breath and a gulp of coffee to wake up and not go back to bed immediately as I’d like to after staying up and watching that massacre of a game. I should have just stuck to the Puppy Bowl. At least Bruno Mars was entertaining.



So I’ve been MIA for a few days, I know. This week has been a bit crazy, but for good reason which I will enlighten you to later on. But for now, let’s go back to once upon a time of a place called the weekend…



Saturday I ended my no-egg streak with a giant omelette packed with broccoli, mushroom, and 2 whole cloves of garlic…and it was delicious.

MJ made out like a frugal veggie bandit at the discount rack and snagged a pint of peeled garlic for a buck. She is my mother. With a steady supply of garlic at my disposal, I don’t think I’ll be appearing in any Twilight movies anytime soon. Guess I’m not cut out for this whole vegan deal totally, but at least I’m expanding my tofu horizons in the meantime.




I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my frugal food shopping on. I had a couple of coupons for Wild Harvest from HLS13 so I stocked up on PB and frozen raspberries for smoothies and overnight oats. Avocados were on sale for .88 a piece so in went three creamy babies as well. Next Trader Joes for chia seeds, quinoa, and candied ginger. Helloo health food staples!


The night followed with some long due fro yo with the lovely Hannah. I always make an effort to try the weirdest or otherwise most unappealing flavors when ever I get fro yo. This time it was Macadamia nut.

Not as bad as I thought..especially when combined with cupcake, apple & cinnamon and topped with boba and fruity pebbles. Can you be upset at anything topped with fruity pebbles?

Sunday started with a batch of Robyn’s blueberry oatmeal pancakes since every Sunday should start with a stack. And an Emily breakfast wouldn’t be complete with some pb action.

This time mixed with some Greek yogurt for a protein packed schmear. It was like pb cream cheese. Yesh, pa-leasee.


More needed Hannah time followed with an hour long walk, and what every twenty something girl would do on a Sunday afternoon…


Drink some hard ciders and play Wii Mario Kart. And you thought I was gunna say watch Titanic and paint our nails. Psshh.

Okay, so you may have figured out that this post title has had squat to do with anything I’ve said and ate thus far. No cronuts. Not even a wine cooler. What gives? Hold onto your baguettes folks it’s coming.

So what do you know about the French? They drink a lot of wine. They eat a lot of cheese. And bread. And chocolate. And yet they are still as skinny as their mustaches. How do they do it? Je ne sais pas. But this French phenomenon is known as the French Paradox.


So the idea is that despite the higher amounts of foods with cholesterol and saturated fat (butter, cheese, dairy) that the French eat, they have much lower deaths from heart disease. Is it really that much of a difference you ask?

Let’s just say that in for every 100,000 french men, 198 die from heart disease. That’s compared to Finland with an average of 1031 deaths from heart disease for every 100,000 men. About 6 times less.  I’d say that’s pretty significant.

And you know what the supposed reason is?



Wine-o’s rejoice! Supposedly moderate alcohol consumption, specifically red wine has shown to be protective against heart disease and increase your HDL, or good cholesterol. Since drinking red wine is a daily norm for the French, this is suspected to be a good reason why they have such drastically lower rates of heart disease.

So why aren’t we all guzzling red wine like it’s grape juice? The same reason why there’s no ‘magic pill for weight loss. It’s not that simple. The two things that is part of any successful weight loss story worldwide. Diet and exercise. While the French are washing down all that cheese and bread with bottles of wine, they are also eating more fruits and vegetables, smoking less, and moving more than the other countries that were studied against them. Fruits and vegetables?! Exercise?! Ground-breaking.


So the bottom line is that eating more fruits and vegetables along with your cheese and bread and a glass of red wine at dinner will help protect your ticker. And don’t even think about getting your glass a day of vino in on a Saturday night watching Eat. Pray. Love. Binge drinking has shown to do the exact opposite and prove harmful to your health. So if you don’t already drink, reach for the red grapes instead for the same effect.

So why all this fuss about red wine and cheese. Because I’m glad to announce that I will be touring the streets of Paris this July!


After having dinner with my Grammy on Thursday, I asked her if she would take our long awaited trip to France this year with me. As if Summer didn’t feel so far away already, July cannot come fast enough. Bring on the Camembert and Merlot. I’m coming to Paris, baby!

Have you ever been to France?

Are you a red wine fan?