‘Twas the What I Ate Wednesday…


Salutations and good vibrations party folks!


Happy Christmas Eve! May your nog be spiked and your sweaters be ugly!


J’adore poetry..so in the spirit of the holiday and day of eats, I’m bringing you a rhymatical (new word, officially.) version of this What I Ate Wednesday!


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‘Twas the What I ate Wednesday, and I awoke soon to see…




A protein yogurt bowl topped with pb! (and eaten by the Christmas tree)


After labors of love, and lots of fudge making…




A salad topped with tuna helped to ease my stomach quaking.




A snack full of carrots slathered high with peanut butter…




You sure know how to make this girl’s heart fly a flutter!


Tired from a day of work, I made a meal with ease…




A ketchup-sided omelet filled with sprinkles of Swiss cheese!


A nibble more of fudge, a cookie left without a pic.


Is all I ate the day before awaiting good St. Nick!



Happy Holidays!!



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Good morning my good friends!


How was ze weekend?!

I spent mine back at my old college stomping grounds with the gal pals, eating nachos, late night pizza, and fireball shots.





Just like the old days…except for far less drinks and passing out at midnight. We have officially surpassed the college days.





After the drive home and a round of grocery shopping, the little bit of daylight left and a whole 2 hours of actual sleep, I knew my 9 mile long run was not gunna happen. This whole daylight savings is really grinding my running gears.

I refuse to torture myself that long on the treadmill. Instead, I took it easy and planned to somehow sneak it in tomorrow. Plus I’m really anxious to see how the vitamin C works out.





I did manage to get in a tough, but oh so rewarding tempo run on Friday. I averaged a 9:20 pace, even with my slow starts and finish, and brief walking period. These are the kinds of runs that make you feel so strong and remember why you love pushing yourself through.




This is your brain on running.

Since I have a recipe post coming to you later this week, I thought I would take my half-awake (because I’m optimistic) mind off of thinking too much, and share some of my favorite posts recently. Here’s some link lovin’ for your Monday!



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Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries & Feta -Peas & Crayons

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Maybe one day I’ll do the gu, but for now I’m sticking to the peppermints.


Make it a great day!


What’s one fun thing you did this weekend?

How long have you known your best friend?