2 Ingredient Peanut Butter Magic Shell

2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Magic Shell — The easiest recipe for a magic shell sauce for ice cream and peanut butter lovers! Vegan & Gluten-Free.

2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Magic Shell -- The easiest recipe for a magic shell sauce for ice cream and peanut butter lovers! | @sinfulnutrition | dairy-free | no added sugar | vegan | gluten-free

Just when I thought peanut butter couldn’t get more awesome, it got more awesome.

Like ice cream awesome. Volume 11 awesome. A bit more awe in your some AWESOME.

2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Magic Shell -- The easiest recipe for a magic shell sauce for ice cream and peanut butter lovers! | @sinfulnutrition | dairy-free | no added sugar | vegan | gluten-free

Did I make my case?

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Extra Virgin.

Hi friends! My my my how the weekends fly by. Especially when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. I’m getting used to this Spring thing so don’t go and be changing it on me Ms. Nature, kay?


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Saturday I stopped in to visit my Nana with cups of tea, tuna salad, and vanilla pudding. No matter what it is, eating food at Nana’s house tastes exponentially better than if I made it. Must be all that love in there.




Then it was off to the races to celebrate my right hand gal, Hannah’s birthday. Being the true friend I am, I made her work for her gift and cross some bridges in the process.



I filled each balloon with a hint to each part of her gift that she had to pop at every stoplight on our way to dinner. Fun fact: She hates everything involving balloons popping. If the picture didn’t tell you, I think it’s safe to say I helped conquer her fear. Step aside Dr. Phil, I conquer fears while driving and giving gifts at the same time. All you got is a Tom Selleck mustache.


She also didn’t realize we changed the camera filter to blue on her phone until I told her today. Did I mention what a great friend I am? I thought it made us look like we are some hip dance club instead of a bar that smelled like a fart and gross beer.




We made it up by strolling the streets on our bikes. The wind always has a way of making me forget how to function as a human being when my picture is taken and end up looking half crazy. Only half though.


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So remember that little bit I did on coconut oil and how I am probably the only one who hadn’t tried it yet? Whelp, I gave in and bought me a jar.



Yes I finally am no longer a coconut oil virgin. I still have yet to see the movie Frozen though soo you can still hate me for that one.


Just like my 7 year old self, I had to give it the old sniff test before it made it’s way into my mouth. Mild, but still coco-nutty. Good so far.

So now what to cook with it. I’ve seen it on and in almost everything imaginable, but I wanted to take things slow. It is only our first date after all. So I settled on a simple slice of toast topped with a modest coating of oil…And that’s where the fun ends.


Did and done, I was not a fan. Coconut macaroons? Stuff my face. Coconut flakes? Sprinkled on every bowl of oats. Coconut oil? Allll youurss. There was just something about the flavor that didn’t do it for me. I’ll stick to the peanut variety to slather on every bit of food thank you very much.


I did however give it another go keeping it outside of my body for some skin action. First I tried it a shaving..oil which didn’t work out for me. I think after about 2 strokes of the armpit I spent the next minute rinsing it out. NEXT.


So I tried it as a moisturizer after my shower and bada bing we have a winner! As dry and itchy as my skin gets 9 out of 12 months of the year, I am the worst about lotioning on the reg. My saving grace comes in my jar of coconut oil.


It left my skin smooth as Ricco Suave so much that I was sold at the power of the coconut. I know exactly what is in it and don’t have to pretend I like it’s taste to rep the benefits. (I still cannot stomach coconut water either.) I put a little in small tupperware salad dressing container to take into the shower with me (Good tip from Hannah, that it goes rancid faster if you keep it all in the shower) and slather myself like a Thanksgiving turkey in the stuff. Skin so soft.


So there I am. On the coconut oil soul train. The very back, and definitely not singing along to any of the show tunes, but I am on it. Coco-nuts.


Happy (actual) Birthday Miss Hannah!


Have you tried coconut oil yet?


What’s one of your worst fears?




Did You Know #1: Is Coconut Oil Healthy?


Hiiiii-day. It’s Friiiiday! It still amazes me how fast the weekend comes when there’s a snow day thrown into your work week. It still makes Friday feel ah-mazing. Never gets old.



Even after all that huffin, puffin, and shufflin the snow yesterday, I still had the energy to power through my Insanity workout for the day. Hooray for being able to find any video on the world wide web nowadays. Gym membership? Psshhh. Google ain’t got nothin’ on you Planet Fitness.


Now that I got my selfie out of the way for the day let’s get down to bid-ness. Today is quite the special day in the world of Sinful Nutrition. I am linking up with my good blends Amanda and Emily for a little event we like to call “Did You Know…”

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