Super Sweaty Lower Body Circuit Routine

Hola me blogger amigos! Pretty sure that’s all the spanish i know unless taco counts. We’re over the hump of the work week, but I have to say I’m enjoying myself. Working with the kiddos of Dalraida Elementary as a foodservice worker (a.k.a “lunch lady”). The people there are so fun and I get a free lunch! Yes, please!

I’ve successfully completed another Emily Original Circuit Workout, which is so official it needs to be all capitalized. This one is for the lower body, and if your legs aren’t giving out underneath you at the end of it, I believe it’s safe to say your legs are actually titanium. Just sayin’, it’s a good leg whoopin, hence the title of Super Sweaty Lower Body Circuit Routine. It lives up to it’s name.

I’ve made another stopwatch online, which really help for fast transitioning. That is the key. Non-stop leg burnin’ action. I also linked up each exercise to help. These circuits only take about 20 minutes to complete which is a great motivator. I always tell myself, “in the length of time I spend thinking of an excuse not to do this, I could be finished.” I always end up doing it. 20 minutes! Again, you will only need 5-10 lb. hand weights and some motivation!

Super Sweaty Lower Body Circuit Routine -- A quick and dirty fitness routine you can do at home.


Your thighs will thank me later : )

You can access the online stopwatch here


Happy Thursday!

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