Super Speedy Lower Body Workout

Where did the weekend go?! I’m pretty sure it was Monday yesterday if I’m not mistaken. if only weekends and weekdays could switch places for just a bit. Is a year too much to ask?!


Here’s another lower body circuit for you. I did have an upper body workout, but that is when I messed up my back, so decided to not post it just in case y’all wanna sue me for a herniated disk. Sinful Nutrition is not responsible for any injuries or unsatisfactory results from any posted recipes or workouts. There’s my disclaimer. Proceed with caution ; )




Here are some resources for moves you might be unfamiliar with:

Duck Walk
Single Leg Squat
Single Leg Deadlift
*Running Stance (stationary lunge while pumping arms like you are running)
Russian Twists

For your convenience, here is the interval timer I used here.


And don’t go blaming me if you have to brace yourself on the toilet tomorrow morning. All in the name of squats. 🙂



Happy Sunday!

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