A collection of my tips, recaps, motivation, and adventures in running.


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Race Recaps:

Wolf Hollow Half Marathon — The first half in the books.

Color Me Rad 5k — One of the funnest “fun runs” I’ve been to.

5k Foam Fest — A review of my first obstacle course run.

The Power of She 10k — The inaugural and only all-women’s race, and my first 10k.



half marathon playlist



Half Marathon Playlist

Ultimate 90s Playlist

Fall Running Playlist




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Races Before I Die — A collection of races on my list to complete at some point.

The Truths About My Running Routine: Part I — Confessions of my nasty habits and thoughts while pounding some serious pavement.

The Truths About My Running Routine: Part II
— Because all of my nasty habits couldn’t fit into one post.


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