[NEW] Little Somethin’ Sunday #1


Das right. I’m in a blogging groove right meow, so might as well Carpe Diem the it-shay out of this moment.

I always like browsing through the “link love” kinda posts when I have some downtime, and want some things to fill my precious time with. Because a Buzzfeed quiz about which jelly bean flavor my auroa is trumps any and all types of productivity on a Sunday.

In case you were wondering, my auroa is cotton candy.

So I decided to throw my own readings into the mix for a little somethin’ I like to call


A little something Sunday


A little bit of me, and little bit of love, and a whole heck of a lot of coffee.

Daily Quote:


mistakes quoteAfter a bumpy week of nearly losing my lifeline (aka phone), a lost rent check, and blogging glitches, I decided to not dwell on these instances, but rather learn from them.

I am so so grateful my phone was found, and now make it a point to NOT put it in that same pocket in my bag. Now I will make sure to follow-up if a rent check doesn’t clear when it normally does, and I am constantly learning new skills and tweaks to make the blog better. Each “mistake” is a lesson, not a failure.


Song of the Moment:

“Not My Type At All” – Jacob Whitesides

He sounds like the kinda guy you discover playing at your local coffee shop’s open mic night that you and your best gal pal decide to go to on a whim, when you both lock eyes, fall in love, and gaze up at stars serenaded by his acoustic melodies. But he’s not my type at all.

PS: Someone tell me he’s legal, because I don’t want any Lifetime movies named after me.



Link Love:


Zucchini, Goat Cheese, and Tomato FrittataThe Roasted Root

Because eggs and goat cheese make eating your 12th pound of zucchini this summer actually enjoyable.

Blackberry Cucumber Skinny Mojito – Eating Bird Food

Let me just pretend the summer is not on its deathbed until a couple pitchers of these are gone, kay?

4 Ways To Use TahiniOh My Veggies

Confession: I have never actually put tahini in my homemade hummus. Although, I may need to buy some so I can make all these other glorious things.


How to Stop Dreading Exercise & Start Enjoying It InsteadHuffington Post

If you loathe instead of love your workout every day, you’re doing it wrong.

Why You Should Be Eating Whole GrainsNutritious Eats

Paleo and gluten-free debates aside, if you’re eating grains, they need to be whole.

How Being Grounded Can Change Your Perception Kara Lydon

There’s a lot of evidence for the mind body connection, but can it even be affecting your relationships?



Facebook Tip: Link Your Blog Posts to Your Fan PageKaty Widrick

Katy’s no newbie at sharing quality blog help content. And she always leaves me with yet another thing on the ever growing “to do” list.

50 Ways to Boost Your Blog TrafficThe SITS Girls

Let’s not kid our blogging selves, we want the fame, the fortune, and all the free food samples Fed Ex can throw at us.

5 Ways To Improve Your SEOThe SITS Girls

Lucky for me, working for a digital marketing company for almost a year gave me an edge on what SEO actually is. It never hurts to get a refresh and update old posts and pictures though.


The 2 Questions I Began To Ask Myself To Achieve the Life I Always WantedMeg the RHN

Because when it comes down to it, these are the things that truly matter.

10 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My 21 Year Old SelfThe Healthy Maven

Some things I would say to myself…Each decision is the right decision for YOU. R-E-S-P-E-C-T yo’self. Yes, peanut butter is still glorious.



2 years ago I was…



Celebrating passing the RD exam, and FINALLY becoming a dietitian. How fitting it is that I now live in Maine!


Make it a great day!

What’s your Sunday looking like?

Favorite weekend breakfast? PANCAKES 4 LYFE!

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