Matcha Chai Latte


I’m baaaaaack!! Oh hey friends. Don’t mind me I’m just recovering from a whirlwind weekend of traveling to Philly. Even though it was a quick visit to the city of brotherly love I got a good taste of the city which can be summed up in the following pictures..




Major creepage on the famous Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal Market.


Taking my obsession to a whole other level.

image(2)Rocky made these stairs look so much harder. Suit guy photobomb.


Just me and this guy.

image(1)The best invention ever. 2 creams, 1 cone.

What do you mean 98% of my pictures have to do with food?! It’s not like this is a food blog or anything ri-donkulous like that. Come on people.

So if you are a platinum card holder of the foodie club I’m sure you are in like Flynn on all the buzzword foods out there. Apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, kombucha, coconut oil, you’ve all heard about them, tried them, had your opinions, fin. How about Matcha powder my friend?

No? Well first off, let me assure you it has nothing to do with matches or gun powder. Although I’m sure those recipes would go off with a bang. (I’ll be here all week folks.)

So what the heck is it?

Matcha powder is actually a finely ground green tea powder which has not been fermented like many other forms of green tea. Matcha is even more first-class since it’s tea leaves are grown in the shade which adds to it’s mean green hue and nutritional profile.


What’s all the hype about?

So great, matcha is a diva by only growing in the shade and turning it’s nose up to fermentation. What’s in it for me?

The reason this superstar green tea powder is climbing the charts is because of all this diva work pays off. It’s nothing new that green tea is good for us for all kinds of benefits from weight management to long lasting energy. Now imagine that green tea stubbed it’s toe and exploded into hulk status. Enter Matcha.


With the equivalents of 10 glasses of regular green tea for antioxidants and nutrients, long-lasting energy with lower caffeine than coffee, and and no bitter taste that sometimes green tea can leave you with, Matcha lives up to it’s diva status.

I had the pleasure of riding the Matcha wave with Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder which I found on Amazon. Not gunna lie, with a price tag of $25.00 for a 4 oz bag, it sounded a bit steep for me. Once it arrived and after browsing through the free recipe booklet that came with, I found out that you only need about a teaspoon of the powder at a time.

That made that little 4 oz bag look like I bought it at Costco along with a 30 roll package of toilet paper and 5 gallon tub of peanut butter…of course.

Yadda yadda, benefits, how’s this ‘ish taste? Well friends, that’s where that recipe book came in handy dandy.  Handy dandy. Oh gosh, am I hosting a Nick Jr. show now? Yeahhh…


I threw some of it in a smoothie, my bowl of oats, but nothing to really share as a recipe. Until I got all Starbucks on you and decided to whip up a latte. EXTRA FOAM. Grande. You know what, supa-size that cuppa diva!


Matcha Chai Latte
Recipe type: Drinks
  • 1 tsp Matcha powder
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp ground ginger
  • pinch allspice
  • ¼ cup boiling water
  • ¾ cup soy milk
  • 1 tsp sweetener
  1. Add matcha, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice to mug.
  2. Warm milk for 1-2 minutes in microwave or on stove until warmed.
  3. Whisk in boiling water to matcha.
  4. Pour in soy milk, tilting cup to assist with foaming.
  5. *Optional, froth half of milk with handheld milk frother and add to top of latte.

Make it a great day!

Have you ever tried Matcha powder?

What’s your favorite kind of latte?

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a free package of Kiss Me Organics Matcha powder in exchange for this post. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts, opinions, and recipe adaptations are my own.

4 thoughts on “Matcha Chai Latte

  1. You are too funny lady! I have tried just about all the other products out there with the exception of matcha! This latte is definitely BETTER looking than it’s starbucks equivalent!

    • How about June?! And that’s only if you promise to come to the Healthy Living Summit with me this year.

      And I’m on vaca all this week so I am free! Are you doing the Cinco de Mayo 5k in Bedford on Sunday?

  2. Oohhh Good to read this post! Matcha latte has been my favorite in coffee-tea shops the past few months. Maybe I could make my own latte! Thanks for the recipe!

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