A Little Somethin’ Sunday #93

Happy October!

Fall is here to stay. My mind has been waiting for this moment for weeks, but my body isn’t quite as prepared, and has since called hoodies, slippers, and hot bevs 24/7 home.

But let’s all breathe in some full lungs of this autumn air, and get to reading!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Brene Brown Quote Joy

from Pinterest 

The tiny moments in between the monumentals is what life is really about. Give them life.

Music of the Moment:

“Like Real People Do” – Hozier

Does he voice ever get old? His voice never gets old. Keep on singing Hozier, keep on singin’.


Life Lately:

Saturday Morning

Reading on our little spit of a porch on a Saturday morning with a chill in the air, and coffee in hand is one of my most favorite things in the world.

Link Love


Kale & Apple Salad with Granola “Croutons”Cookie & Kate

Granola effin croutons!?! Guurrlllll, you a genius.

The Ultimate Breakfast SandwichPinch of Yum

If this post doesn’t make you want breakfast immediately no matter what time of day it is….you are not human.

Spiced Pear SangriaThe Almond Eater

As if I needed another reason to drink sangria. Spiced pears though? Twist my arm…



Why I Won’t Be Losing Weight For My WeddingThe Healthy Maven

Whether you do or do don’t, did or didn’t, Davida’s positivity and insight is so refreshing from the messages brides and bride-to-be-s are bombarded with on the daily.

Why Your Hormones Need CarbsHungry Hobby 

While I gravitate towards a lower carb diet, I don’t take it to the extreme. Finding what works for you is best for your body and your mind when it comes to a good relationship with food.

Can You Want to Change Your Body & Still Exercise Mindfully?The Real Life RD

Mindfulness has gotten a lot of well-deserved press lately, but leaves a lot to be wondered for those still coming from an unsettling place with their body image. Robyn is such a big voice in this movement, and always has such insight on the topic.


9 Tips For Recovering Your Google Rankings After a Site HackProBlogger

Dealing with a hack is not fun, but you shouldn’t let it throw all your hard SEO work out the door. These tips will help you bounce back, and protect against any future troubles.

15 Best Social Media Automation ToolsSolopreneur Diaries

A big piece of blogging is crafting your community, but there are ways you can streamline and help you manage all the pieces to focus more on which one you love best.

10 Best Resources: Free Images for BlogsSavy Mujer 

Stock photos can add a lot to your posts, but making sure that you aren’t stealing them is a biggie. These resources will help make sure they’re good to go.


From the Blog:

Slow Cooker Baked Apple Oatmeal Cups


Time Hop:

This time 1 year ago I …

Smoky Tempeh Stuffed Acorn Squash -- A hearty vegan recipe that's perfect for your holiday meal or dinner! You won't even miss the meat!| @sinfulnutrition #vegan #thanksgiving

…made acorn squash smokin’ good, by stuffing it full of smoky tempeh. Come at my mouth, bro.


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