A Little Somethin’ Sunday #92

Happy Sunday!

Is it just New Jersey, or does this first weekend in fall feel like the hottest days of the summer? Not complaining or anything, but I am looking forward to finally sleeping under the covers sometime soon.

In the meantime, let’s kick off our shoes and relax our feet, and party on down to the ALSS beat, let’s KICK it.

A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Haven't failed quote

from Pinterest 

Failure is just a frame of mind. Decide you haven’t, and you never will.

Music of the Moment:

 “Eye to Eye” – Moonrise Nation

These ladies opened up for Company of Thieves this past Monday, and instantly feel in love with their sound. This whole album has been on non-stop around these parts, especially this one and “Glamour Child”.

Life Lately:

Company of Thieves Sign

I FINALLY saw my favorite band of all time now that they are back together, and on tour. It may have been a Monday night, and didn’t get home until 2 AM, but every single minute was so worth it. 

Terhune Orchards Winery

Nothing screams fall like sipping some apple wine at an orchard…in 90 degree weather. Being inside with a gorgeous day like this was impossible, and even better washed down with some local tunes and vino.


Link Love


Cheesy Mashed Sweet Potato CakesCafe Delites

If you know someone who’s super picky about veggies..fill them with cheese and make them into cakes. This are the definition of outrageous.

Creamy Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, Corn, and Potato ChowderJoanne Eats Well with Others

Now that it’s officially fall, that means it’s officially chowder season! You could literally throw smoked salmon and goat cheese on a foot, and I would eat it. In a chowder sounds a lot more appetizing though.

The 10 Best Trader Joe’s Foods For FallFood52

Yes, of course pumpkin dominates this list, but if you’re a love of all fall flavors you will swoon over this list.


Why I Stopped Being Vegetarian After 18 YearsThe Foodie Dietitian

After sharing my own story with non-vegetarianism, I can relate all too well with Kara. Such a great read to understand why listening to your body is almost always the right answer.

Eating When You’re Not Hungry Is Okay..and HealthyThe Real Life RD

There are times when you will eat past fullness, and there are times when its good to eat past fullness. Letting go of those restrictions is a key to finding an intuitive eating practice that works best for YOU.

The phrase, “you have self control/discipline/will power around food”Yeah…ImmaEatThat

“Do you put a limit on how many times you get to breathe that day or how many times you get to pee that day?” … SUCH a great way to look at how wrong restrictive eating is to your body.


What I Wish Everyone Knew About Sponsored PostsThe Healthy Maven

This is a great insight into what exactly goes into sponsored posts for both fellow bloggers, as well as blog readers. There’s a lot that goes into making this blog space free for your food-loving eyes!


The FTC Answers Questions from Influences About DisclosuresThe Sway

Everything you knew you SHOULD know, and even what you didn’t know you should know. You know?

Why You Need to Stop Focusing on “Vanity” StatsProBlogger

Page views are actually the least of your worries. Here’s what stats you should be focusing all of your time and attention to to hit your metrics where it counts.

From the Blog:

Baked Coconut Shrimp Cups

Sheet Pan Cauliflower Fried Rice


Time Hop:

This time 8 months ago I …

Vegan Tempeh Taco Bowl -- A protein-packed recipe made with quinoa, seasoned tempeh, and tons of veggies. Healthier (and cheaper) than takeout for lunch or dinner! | @sinfulnutrition #glutenfree

…made a bowl full of plant <3, and I’m here to taco ’bout it.



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