A Little Somethin’ Sunday #87

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been chillin’ low-key after getting my wisdom teeth out, which is a much welcome forced weekend of relaxation since my life is going through all kinds of changes in the near future.

Here’s hoping the sun stays around long enough for me to chill low-key poolside for a bit today. All in the name of vitamin D of course. 😉

Let’s get our read on!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Everything's going to be okay quote

from Pinterest 

One thing my mama always told me in rough times was “this too shall pass.” Hard and stressful times are hard and stressful, but they aren’t permanent.

Music of the Moment:

“Heavy” – Oh Wonder

I’ve been lovin’ the latest from OW, especially this groove. I think everyone should be having as much fun as this duo when this jam comes on.


Life Lately:

Smoothie Bowl Decorative

After eating eggs err morning on vacation, my body was screaming for something green and creamy. Loaded with greens, avocado, and all the toppings. My boyfriend’s Dad referred to it as “Buddhist sand art. I like it.

Enlightened Butter Pecan Ice Cream

My first post wisdom teeth meal was a pint of Enlightened ice cream. I grossly spit out the pecans since you’re not supposed to have nuts afterwards, but otherwise this completely hit the spot.

Turmeric Hemp Oats

I’m still experimenting with lower-carb, and after eating smoothies/smoothie bowls for just about every meal for two days in a row, I needed something different.I tried out a golden milk version of Keto Connect’s hemp overnight oats, and it was delish! Definitely making these for quick breakfasts this week.

Link Love


Golden Gut Baked Jicama FriesEating Bird Food

I’ve been wanting to try out jicama on my own, so this recipe is a Godsend to my foodie prayers.

Goddess Curry Chicken SaladPinch of Yum

Anything that starts with Goddess and involves an everything bagel is immediately making a B-line for my mouth.

Garden Abundance SaladZen & Spice

The beauty of this salad will turn any veggie hater into a garden connaisseur. 


How Exercise Affects Your HormonesThe Real Life RD

Good or bad, exercise is a stress to your body. I’ve learned for myself just how powerful changing an exercise routine can have on health. Love everything about this girl and this post!

Why I Stopped Counting CaloriesI Heart Vegetables

When it comes to health, the only thing you should be really reading into is HOW YOU FEEL. Find something that feels right for you. I’m so glad Liz is finding hers, and sharing her story.

12 Science-Based Benefits of MeditationAuthority Nutrition

I’m seriously making an effort to practice meditation of a regular basis. Whether in the form of yoga or a guided podcast, I find I am more in-tune with my body and mind when I give it a chance and truly listen. Plus, there’s all these great benefits too. 😉



How to Find More Creativity in Your LifeThe Sway 

Having creative outlets aside from a screen or camera lense can help bring more ideas and inspiration once you go back to it. Give your mind a break, and have fun!

The Psychology of Comparison & How to StopProBlogger

We’re all guilty of it at one point or another. What’s different is acknowledging it, and overcoming it to make your own self the only comparison that matters.

Why I Treat Blogging Like CollegeLucky Love Life 

This is such an awesome comparison. Looking at it from this perspective can help see the progression, and hone in on where you are in the process, and thus what work needs to be put in to make it to the next step.


From the Blog:

WIAW: Back in a PB Groove

Time Hop:

This time 1 1/2 years ago I …

Blood Orange Chai Tea Latte Recipe - Made with chai tea, fresh blood orange juice, and vanilla for a sweet and spicy drink to warm you up this winter!

…made a chai latte with blood oranges, and surprised myself on how many more I wanted to gulp down.

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