A Little Somethin’ Sunday #76

Happy Sunday!

And happy spring! The weather is finally come around up here, so now I’ll have to find something else to complain about soon.

In the meantime, let’s get to readin’!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Flower Environment Quote

from Pinterest 

There’s nothing wrong with your body. What’s wrong is the society that makes you THINK something’s wrong.

Music of the Moment:

“Dog Years” -Maggie Rogers

If I actually drove the amount of times songs make me wish I was on a lone back road, I’d probably be in the middle of nowhere Idaho. At least I’d have a great playlist of tunes, especially  my latest obsession with Maggie Rogers.

Weekly Workouts:

Fitness Blender has been my jam lately! I love how you can build your own calendar of workouts, and that they are all around 30 minutes, and still kick my butt in gear.

Monday: Upper & Core

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: HIIT Cardio

Thursday: Off

Friday: Lower Body & HIIT

Saturday: Walk

Sunday: Yoga?

Link Love


Lemon Meringue SangriaLemon Tree Dwelling

I’ve had this recipe saved for quite a while now, just so I could share it’s greatness with you here…and remind myself to make an occasion (aka excuse) to make a giant pitcher of it.

Raspberry Ricotta Croissant French ToastHalf Baked Harvest

Stuffed French toast. IN. A. CROISSANT. Le swoon.

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter MuffinsRDelicious Kitchen

Warmer weather or not, I need more muffin baking in my life. Starting with these gorgeous beauties first. Because…peanut butter.



My Body Story & Relationship With Food: We All Have OnerachLmansfield

That we do Rachael. Thanks for sharing yours, that so many of us can relate to.

Food As Medicine Has Its Side EffectsAvocado a Day Nutrition

Trying to eat perfectly and holding a mindset that food can heal all can lead can be misleading, and down a road of misjudgement and disappointment. There are times where food can’t heal all, and that’s okay.

The Healthiest Way to EatThe Real Life RD

Eating habits can change day to day, month to month, year to year. Having the fluidity to allow these changes is healthier than any superfood out there.



27 WordPress Hacks Every Serious Blogger Needs to KnowSmartBlogger

#5 and #12 have recently changed my life. These are so helpful!

How to Find & Fix Common SEO Technical IssuesDataBabe Digital

I’m gunna have to read this one a few more times before I understand some of the jargon, but great ways to make sure your content is SEO-approved.



From the Blog:

Slow Cooker Lentil Baked Beans {VIDEO}

WIAW: All the Antioxidants

Time Hop:

This time 2 years ago I …

…made snickerdoodle cookies into bite form, and solidified my love for spherical snacks.

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