A Little Somethin’ Sunday #73

Happy Sunday!

Third time’s a charm with this ALSS post! Due to some technical difficulties (aka my post deleting itself), I’ve been MIA with this little roundup of mine, but I’m wearing my PJ’s inside out that this goes on without any hiccups.

Let’s catch up on what I’ve been diggin’ on lately!


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Brene Brown Quote

from Pinterest 

Did that strike a chord with you as much as it did for me? If not, read it again and at least let it sink in a moment.

Music of the Moment:

 “Lessons (Falcon Punch Remix)” – Holy Model

How they come up with these remix titles I will never know. The song however is perfect groovage… or at least cleaning the house to. Why not both?!


Weekly Workouts:

I actually just started Gina’s Winter Shape Up challenge (…only a few weeks late to the party) and am loving it! Definitely requires a bit more planning and motivation on my part, but having a guide to follow is helping me gear up for getting back into running now that there is hope that spring is near!


Link Love


Beet Strawberry Chia PuddingEmilie Eats

If not for the color alone, this Oh-mazing flavor combo will have you singing the chia pudding praises.

Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with EggsFood, Faith, Fitness 

The fact that these sweet potatoes are edible boats filled with flavorful eggs makes my heart swoon.

Fluffy Funfetti Blueberry Buttermilk PancakesEats Well with Others

Did this girl just walk right into my heart? I think she just walked right into my heart. Funfetti and pancakes = relationship goals.


The Compassionate Way to Health & FitnessZen Habits

Instead of striving for a certain idea of what our bodies should be, we should be embracing what they are capable of, and being grateful we get to do these things in the body we are in.

6 Podcasts for Health, Happiness, and Self Improvement JunkiesIn It 4 the Long Run

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts to lull me to sleep at night (aka I can’t sleep in silence), and am already in love with half this list..which means I’m sure I’ll love the others just as much. AND I need to add Georgie’s to the top of must listens!

Intuitive Eating is for EveryoneAvocado a Day Nutrition

LOVE Rachael’s healthy at every size message. Why should one habit be viewed as unhealthy vs healthy based on body size?



How This 27-Year-Old Made $1 Million Last YearForbes

I love how her success hasn’t changed how humble she is… Like living in an RV and traveling. My world has officially been flipped on its head.

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Social Media OverwhelmSocially Sorted

Getting caught up with the latest and greatest when it comes to social media is all too easy. This offers a way to step back and take a breath before you break out into a hashtag panic attack.

From the Blog:

Wild Blueberry Whoopie Pies

Time Hop:

This time 2 years ago I …

Peanutty Sweet Potato Noodles — A #glutenfree recipe with a tangy and addicting peanut sauce. A quick & easy veggie-packed dinner idea!

…combined three of my all-time favorite foods into one peanutty sweet potato noodle dish. Fried dippy egg optional (but not really)

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