A Little Somethin’ Sunday #72

Happy Sunday!

Who’s snowed in with me?!

Mother Nature must be striking out on Tinder for V-Day, cuz she is relentless with all the snow we’ve been getting. I mean, a blizzard planned for the 13th? I don’t think that’s a coincidence…

A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

from Pinterest 

Whether you choose to think positively or negatively can and will definitely affect the way things play out in your life.

Music of the Moment:

“Never Knew Love Like This Before” – Stephanie Mills

We’re kickin’ it old school with this one! I seriously can’t help but embarrassingly sing and dance along to this classic.



Weekly Workouts:

Monday: Off. Hooray long work days!

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: 30 minute strength training

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: 30 minute strength training

Saturday: Yoga?

Sunday: Hopefully sledding to try to stay positive about ALL THIS SNOW.


Link Love


Low Carb Chicken Pad Thai ZoodlesLove & Zest

Someone give me summer and your abundant garden zucchini so I can make this dish on repeat.

Whole Grain Double Chocolate MuffinsNutritioulicious

because why settle for half a grain or only one serving of chocolate? You don’t need that kinda negativity in your life.

Chocolate SangriaLemon Tree Dwelling

Every man, woman, and child (of legal age) needs to make this immediately…and invite me over ASAP.


The Surprising Benefits of Doing LessIn It 4 the Long Run

It’s the little things in every day that can move mountains for the big picture.

How to Make a Food Craving Go AwayAvocado a Day Nutrition

This one tip is the cure all for any and all of your food cravings.

Want to or Should Do?The Real Life RD

Asking yourself this simple question when you’re unsure of why you’re doing something can help steer you in the right direction.


What a Growth Hacker Would Do if She Was In Charge of Your BlogHuffington Post

Getting an inside look on an outsiders view can help you see areas to improve or strengthen on your blog space.

How Exercising Daily Has Made Me a Better EntrepreneurEntrepreneur

Entrepreneur or blogging, stepping (multiple times) away from behind the screen can do wonders for your productivity, engagement, and overall success.

Stumble Upon, What It Can Do FOr Your BlogBarbie, Bieber, & Beyond

This is one of the platforms I’m slowly focusing more on, and can be another great way to get your blog out there and drive traffic.

From the Blog:

Pre-Workout Potato Energy Bites

WIAW: Breakfast Twinning

Wild Blueberry Pina Colada Smoothie

Time Hop:

This time a year ago I …

Heart-shaped Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie - immaEATthat

shared my favorite recipes to treat yo’ self with, when you’re a strong, independent women who don’t need a man to make her happy. But a cookie? Yeah, that sure helps.

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