A Little Somethin’ Sunday #52


Oh boy, does it feel good to be back!

I’ve been a little MIA in the blog lately (but keepin’ that Insta game strong) but am glad to say I am back in action with a new fall-inspired recipe for you tomorrow (!!) but first, we Sunday!

A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Quote about Freedom

In the spirit of 9/11, I think it’s time we take a step back, give thanks, and be grateful for every little thing we take for granted that are owed to those who gave them up.



Music of the Moment:

“Dancing On Glass” – St. Lucia

As much as I say I hate 80s music, I am finding all of my latest musical obsessions to have a strong techno-pop influence. Plus, this music video reminds me of a very obscure Breakfast Club parody. Very obscure.


Link Love


Vegan Black Bean Pumpkin ChiliBack to Her Roots

The fact that she opens up with how weirdly good this recipe is sold me right from the start. 

Sausage, Sweet Potatoes, and Broccoli SkilletIowa Girl Eats

Oh dat color! Can you say fall dinner on repeat? Can you say fall dinner on repeat? Can you say fall…okay you get it. YUM.

Smoky Tempeh Burrito BowlsMinimalist Baker

Tempeh is by far one of my favorite protein sources, ESPECIALLY when involved in or around bowl form. Pass the guac pleazzz.




3 Great Ways to Force Yourself to Be More Grateful (and a Lot Happier)Marc & Angel Hack Life

However you get yourself there, being an all around more grateful person can 180 your entire life.

Five Reasons You’re Not Addicted to SugarAvocado a Day Nutrition

Sure, sugar is effing delicious, but the extremes that people go to compare it to drugs is just that, EXTREME.

Why 1200 is Not the Right NumberHungry Hobby

Much like makeup, bras, and shaving, I am baffled about where the 1200 calorie number became the norm for ladies. While I still slap on mascara and don’t free boob (too often) I refuse to accept starving myself to this stupid number.



8 Things Bloggers Don’t NeedThe Geeky Shopaholic

As a blogger, there’s always someone telling you what you’re doing wrong, or everything you aren’t doing that’s killing your blogging game. It’s a nice refresher to hear what can actually be ignored, and let you do you.

How to Start a Food Blog and Change the WorldThe Blog Tyrant 

While I may be biased to the food blog world, it is still a very saturated market to compete in. Making yours stick out is key.

3 Blog Photography Backgrounds Under $10The SITS Girls

Creating drool-worthy photos doesn’t require expensive equipment or props, and I’m all about those budget-friendly tips! Especially in love with the second tip.


Time Hop:

This time 5 months ago I …

Snow In April

had a car covered in snow. I still have PTSD, and am not ready for any temperatures below 75. Say it ain’t snow!


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