A Little Somethin’ Sunday #46

Morning all my rise & shiners!

It’s that time of Sunday again, and I’m pretty excited about it. Don’t let my groggy pre-coffee face fool you.


A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Flexible About Your Methods Quote

from Pinterest 

Finally, someone put together words that describe my outlook on life. It most likely will not be the way you thought it would, or intended it to, but if you put your heart 110% into something it will happen. 

Music of the Moment:

“Livewire” – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is right! You can thank DJ Pandora for this one, but I have been listening to this duo nonstop lately. It was hard to choose just one to share, but this one gives me all the feels with the volume cranked at all times.


Weekly Workouts:

I’ve recruited my roommate to take on the torture otherwise known as Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30…at 6:30 in the morning. We’re three days in, and my hamstrings are already waving their white flags. Send for help.


Otherwise, I’ve just been enjoying every last drip of summer with all the outdoor activities. Tennis, swimming, frisbee, bike riding, running, and all the walks I can handle.


Link Love


How to Make Healthy Walking TacosFit Foodie Finds

The fact that you are walking as you eat them means you can make your way to get a margarita right? At least that’s my thought process…

The Best Vegan Pulled Pork SandwichMinimalist Baker

Vegan or not, these look ah-ma-zing! All about those pulses!

Chickpea Taco Buddha BowlDiary of an Ex-Sloth

I’m all about ‘dem tacos this week. I feel a little more like Gwyneth Paltrow just looking at this beautiful bowl!

Elvis Overnight Oats with PB, Banana, and BaconEating Bird Food

There’s a whole lot of bacon going on! ( I couldn’t resist) It’s even vegan-friendly, so all can enjoy this awesomeness!


5 Ways to Tackle Life with Grace and GritCotter Crunch

These tips can be applied to most anything life throws at you at any age.

4 Reasons to Stop Weighing YourselfAvocado a Day Nutrition

Love each and every one of these, and are the prime reasons I stopped being a slave to the scale.

Life’s Too Short To Worry About a Muffin TopReal Mom Nutrition

…I’d rather just eat a muffin. Grilled. with butter. In sweatpants. Who’s with me?!

My Body (And Her Body) Is Not Your Measuring StickNia Shanks

Remember that whole comparison is a really bad idea and you shouldn’t do it deal? Yeah, let’s keep that going until it finally sticks to society.


4 Ways To Grow Your Blog (without spending a dime!)Elle Ay Esse

#3 has definitely been the biggest help for me, but use ALL of these right meow, cuz this girl is the master of budget-friendly.

How to Offer Good Storytelling in Sponsored PostsThe SITS Girls

Writing authentically and still giving your readers what they want in a sponsored post can be tricky, but oh so necessary.

9 Things to Keep In Mind When Setting Rates & PricesKaty Widrick

If you’re offering goods and services on your blog, coming up with a reasonable yet profitable price can be just about the hardest thing. Here’s some major things you’ll want to consider.

4 Quick Tips for Writing Effective Blog TitlesBGB Community

Well there post title lured me in right?! I think they’re on to something…

From the Blog:

Mint Chocolate Chip Iced Latte

WIAW: A Tale of Two Fishes

6 Unexpected Things 30 Days of Yoga Taught Me + Maine YogaFest Review

Time Hop:

This time 17 days ago I …

A first timer's guide to Stitch Fix | @sinfulnutrition #StitchFixRedux #ad

was channeling my inner fashion blogger with my first Stitch Fix. Is it bad that I’m already looking forward to fall JUST to get my next one?



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