A Little Somethin’ Sunday #34

Happy sunday Sunday SUNDAY friends!

Just popping in to share my favorite reads and eats of the week, but first let’s this week’s workouts.

Monday: Do long walks on the beach count?

Tuesday: This 25 minute HIIT workout

Wednesday: 25 minute Interval Treadmill Workout from PB Fingers

Thursday: 35 minute walk

Friday: 3.25 mi run

Saturday: Lots of walking, but no actual workout

Sunday: Bike ride or Tennis

I’ve been so tired this past week that it took all my might to kick my butt into gear for those three actual workouts I got in. Here’s to more energy and PUERTO RICO next week!

A little something Sunday

Daily Quote:

Elizabeth Lawrence Hum of Bees Quote

from Pinterest 

Maybe if I actually owned a garden this quote would be more pertinent, but I seriously just love bees. They’re always a true sign of blossoming flowers and that the warm weather is finally here.

Music of the Moment:

“Settle Down” – The 1975

These guys have been on my radar for a couple years now, but recently got back into listening to them. Especially their first album, this song in particular is jam and dance worthy.


Link Love


Spring Breakfast SaladThe Lean Green Bean

I love that someone else can appreciate a salad at any (and every) meal like I do, especially when it looks as gorgeous and satisfying as this one.

Grilled Cheese Roll-upsDamn Delicious

After a week of grilled cheese making, I take my hat off to this one. 9 or 99, you will feel like a kid eating these and love every minute of it.

Healthy Red Wine Ice CreamDesserts with Benefits

You read that right. Wine. Ice Cream. Healthy. I rest my case. If you need me, I’ll be making a pinot noir sundae with champagne hot fudge, and a bourbon infused cherry on top. That’s still healthy, right?

Almond Butter Avocado PestoFooduzzi

Whoever said too much of a good thing hasn’t put nut butters and avocado into pesto. Team healthy fats for the win!


How to Embrace Your Challenges & Love Your StrugglesIn It 4 the Long Run

Obviously challenges are damn hard and can be miserable in the moment, but there’s a reason why it’s good to have them in your life and here’s how you can learn to accept them for more than what they are.

You Don’t Have to Believe What You ThinkYeah…ImmaEATthat

I think I may have shared that quote in a previous ALSS, but if not Kylie does a great job of explaining it for those struggling with body image issues. Keep those positive thoughts abundant, and let the negative ones pass on by.


How To Give New Life to Old Blog PostsThe SITS Girls

Just because you hit post those precious months ago, doesn’t mean your old content shouldn’t stop working for you. Here’s how to give them a freshening up and keep their mojo running.

The Importance of an Editorial CalendarElle Ay Esse

Just like meal planning is crucial for eating healthy, post planning is crucial for blogging healthy. These are some of the ways to keep you accountable and on task.

How to Perfect the Instagram Flat Lay PhotoBGB Community

We all love those pretty day-in-the-life style insta photos, and this is all you need to know to capture one of your own!

Automatically Add an Author Box to Your Blog PostsKaty Widrick

Just one more reason I need to step up and change over my blog theme. I love the look and simplicity of these boxes, especially now that Katy made it all the more easier to do.

From the Blog:

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Sandwich

WIAW: Don’t Judge a Book Edition

Blueberry Basil & Goat Cheese Panini

Time Hop:

This time 1 year ago I …

nerf gun snapchat

..was having a nerf gun war..at work…with my boss. I quickly found out, this is not everyone else’s typical Friday afternoon at the office. Oh the good ol days…


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